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How to Change the World

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Last time I showed you how a youth group of a hundred kids can change the lives of an entire community in just three months. All they have to do is raise eighty dollars each. Eight thousand dollars will pay to put in a well that will deliver clean water and eliminate 90% of disease.

Now, when those kids realize that they did this awesome thing, they’re going to say, “Man, we love doing this. We’d like to do this again!”

Well, they can! The next step in the REACH program is food. The cost is 25 cents a meal. For eight thousand dollars, you can buy a lot of meals! Not only will the kids package the meals, they’ll pray over them and ship them too. First they put in a well, and now they’ll be sending nutritious food.

They’ll have fun doing that too, and they’ll want to do it yet again. Fine! How about contributing to the REACH program to buy school uniforms? They can raise $80.00 each, and contribute four uniforms per person. They’ve brought a community back to life with food and water, and now they can help the children go to school.

I probably dream too big at times, but hear me out. One youth group, through the course of one or two years, can take an impoverished community of people that are going to die, and literally breathe life into them.

Generation Alive reaches out to communities in need by providing the basic stuff of life. We rescue kids from slavery with Not For Sale. We build homes for them with the Global Orphan Project. We build clean water wells for them with Living Water International. We deliver meals to them through Feed the Hunger. And we assist local industries, like sewing collectives, by ordering goods from them — like the school uniforms that the kids need to go to school. That’s how we help make sure that these communities become self-sustaining.

When you involve your youth group in our REACH program, you empower them. And that is how they share Jesus. Not by going over there dropping memory verses. They do it by saying to a community, “Here’s water, here’s food, here’s shelter, here’s some uniforms to go to school. We love you.”

When this happens, that community is going to say, “What kind of love is this?” Then the doors open up. Now the kids can say, “This is the love of Jesus Christ. The Almighty Living God. This is the kind of love He shared with me, and I’m sharing it with you.”

That community is going to say, “We want that kind of love!” And the kids can say, “Well, it’s Jesus. You want Jesus? You can have Him.”

And now they’ve done the Gospel. Plain and simple, they’ve done it. They’ve earned a voice in the life of that community, because they provided these things. So that community is going to listen. And if that voice is the voice of Jesus Christ, it will be unstoppable.

What could happen, if I can get enough people to think that way? A hundred people, eighty dollars. We can change the world.

If you think I dream big when I dream of changing the world, let me tell you: my dream doesn’t even stop there. Wait till you see what I mean. See you Tuesday.

One thought on “How to Change the World

  1. I did not know that u were such a Christian. That is really cool when you are in the bullpen and remember these names jack,mike,rich you are cool tell this i send this to you and tell your team i am nine you are the best jeremy and iknow everthing about your team work hard. from jack on my uncle mikes iphone.

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