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  1. For now, God wants me to be my daughter’s mom. I worked so very hard for my Master of Social Work. Wrote a darned book (250 pages) that sits on a self gathering dust very effectivley!! I feel bumbed out about the economy and not having a job. I have to keep faith that God and Christ are not done w/ me professionally yet. My daughter sometimes drives me insane, but I love her with everything I have. Today, she got a brush hopelessly stuck in her hair. Tons of conditioner and cutting the bristels of the brush freed her after an hour of work. This is why I worked so hard in grad school???? The Lord wants me to be patient and wait on his timing for a new job. “I can do all things through Christ who strenghens me.” Somewhere in Matthew… it’s late, sorry for not having the exact address in scripture. Many Blessings in Christ and keep up the good work.

  2. God has placed on my heart the desire to challenge kids who grow up going to church to own their own faith. It is so important that young (and old alike) embrace their relationship with God and work with all their strength to build on the foundation of God in every aspect of their life. I know that I faked it for most of my teenage years. I met expectations by playing the Christian game, but was not a God follower until I was almost 20. Now God has me in a place to impact the lives of 5th and 6th graders. My prayer is that they would establish a solid relationship with God, and that they would live for Him right now. The theme verse for our 5th/6th grade youth group is 1Timothy 4.12. It is so cool to challenge these kids to start being an example today, for all to see how God is at work in them and is using them to show love and meet needs in their world.

    I also enjoy sports and take great encouragement from the faith stories of others. I am always searching for athletes, artists, and others in the public eye, who are living out their faith for all to see. I do this not to idolize them, but to take encouragement, and hopefully to encourage them to continue fixing their eyes on God and shining His light in the world around them. Thank you Mr. Affeldt for doing just this.

  3. Jeremy,
    I want to say that you truly do live out your faith..when we went to Spring training this year, you were the only player that came out and visited with the fans..that did not go unnoticed. I knew then something was different about you. I was so excited to discover you are a Christian and are living your faith out before all. Last year I prayed for a way to reach my family and others for the Lord..I knew that I could no longer just sit expecting them to come to church..God opened the door for me to go to Giants Spring training last year with my brothers and dad..He used that time to heal and grow our relationships..during the year, my brothers would text me and ask if the Godsquad was praying for the Giants to win..while they were teasing me, I know that they were seeing God move and answer prayers..other family members would tease me and say my devotion to the Giants became my new church..little did they realize that they were speaking truth..that God was giving me a platform with a common ground with my family to be live the life before them and to love them! I am excited to contine to see God’s hand move in this! Blessings to you as you fulfill the call of God on your life.

  4. God is teaching me that He really means what He says in His word about loving Him, obeying Him, and loving others. I am reading the book of I John over and over right now, because that is what God is speaking to me about. And thank you for your testimony and ministry. It is always good to see someone in the public eye demonstrating real Christianity. I had not thought of it before, but as a huge baseball fan (I’m on the East Coast so I’ll let you guess which team I root for. Hint: There’s a Monster in our ballpark!), I am going to start praying for Christians in sports that you may all be strong, be faithful so as not to compromise your testimony, and be witnesses to those who do not know Him. God bless!

  5. God is a spirit in my life that leads me to be good and to help others to be good and to reject all that is evil and hurtful.

  6. Years ago on Dec. 27th, I left Austin, Texas for a year long sabbatical in Vermont (actually I didn’t know where I was going). I prayed for direction every step of the way, physical direction on which way to go, and direction in my life. I also prayed for God to choose a husband for me in His time. I ended up in Time Square on New Years Eve standing next to a South African man who was leaving the country to go home the very next day. He was not supposed to be in NYC. He had taken a last minute bus from D.C. to see the ball drop. This man is now my husband. My yearlong sabbatical was stacked with miracles. I found myself in predicaments that worked themselves out in ways that couldn’t be coincidental. God showed me that when I surrender and trust Him completely, He will more than take care of me.

  7. Where to start! I’ve seen God do some amazing things. Perhaps one story of mine can help some young men reading this. A few years ago my brother was getting married and planned a bachelor’s party. It was going to be what you’d see in the movies…mostly full of alcohol and a dancer. I had just realized I wasn’t living like I should be as a believer, so I was torn. I wanted to go be with my brother, but what about all the stuff I’d see? I knew it wasn’t right and that I wouldn’t be comfortable, let along set a good example. I put it all in God’s hands, praying that whatever he wanted, I’d do. I fully expected him to show me a way out of going, but the day came and nothing had happened. So I went, praying still. People were drinking and socializing, and then talk started that the dancer was on the way. What was I going to do? Stand in front of all and denounce things? That didn’t seem it would go over very well. Then the answer came…another partygoer approached me and asked if I could drive some people home that had drank too much. God had given me a way out, and yet still show support to my brother. God can do anything

  8. Hello Jeremy! My name is Alexander (Sasha), I am a servant of the church in Tver, Russia is. In 2012 we started a baseball ministry. In Russia, this is a real exotic. Baseball has become a good way to tell people about the love of Jesus Christ!
    Jeremy, come visit us in Russia! It would be so cool! We were able to hold the Cup of Russia, it would be a great testimony of faith in Jesus Christ!
    I thank God that you are Jeremy is an example for many children! I hope a lot of guys will want to imitate you, you Christ! God is good! I’m sorry for my English.

  9. One day I was sitting on my sofa reading scripture when a bird tapped on my window, I looked up recognizing God as the creator of all and complacently mumbled “cute, thanks” but continued reading… The bird did not leave and started tapping again, this time I paused longer and said “a little distracting Abba but cool, thanks.” By the third time this bird persistently tapped, curiousity had peaked me, so I went outside to see what this darn bird was eating and if my Abba via His Holy Spirit had a purpose for this little intrusion, after all I was reading His word. When I went outside there was nothing on the window ledge but when I looked up to ask God what was up, I saw a wasp’s nest starting to build on a high eave I’d never have thought to look.

    You see God is more than just a character in a Holy book. Not wanted by my own parents and treated cruelly and told I was not wanted most of my life, God took the role of nurturer, role model and much more and in that moment showed me He has every resource available to demonstrate His love including showing one of His children where to look for potential problems on their first house using a bird. Jesus’ sacrifice showed me how much I am truly wanted. (He also uses His word to show me the potential wasps’ nests within my flesh and heart).

    I don’t blame God for my parents or anyone else’s choices for I know He loves me and Jeremiah 29:11 tells me He has plans for me and I believe it.

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