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On May 2, 2012 I visited the University of San Francisco and spoke to students about slavery and trafficking, and why I’m active in the cause of abolition.

Check out this video of one of Generation Alive’s Something to Eat events. On average we make 10,000 meals usually sent to the local food banks. We can bring this to your school or youth gathering. $.25 per meal is all it costs. Contact us and we’ll get the ball rolling!

Here’s my Free2Play video for Not For Sale. There is so much good stuff happening in the movement to end human trafficking. 2012, man, it’s a really a good time to join!

Check out this great video of Generation Alive’s Something to Eat event in December 2011. When you see it like this, you’ll want to volunteer your school too!

I teamed up with Jonathan Gunderson of World Harvest Mission to give a speech before the 11K “Running for the Wells” event last September in San Francisco.  The event raised close to $5,5oo.oo — almost enough for two wells!

Here I am talking to my friend Tim Elmore of Growing Leaders about one of the really important secrets of success.  Guess what it is?

Here’s a video of my talk at San Francisco Giants Faith and Fellowship Day, September 2011.  We had the biggest group at Giants Faith Day since I started participating, and we had some awesome testimonials. @MattBaquiran recorded us and put the videos on YouTube. Thanks Matt!

Here’s an update on the well Generation Alive built in Kizaara, Uganda. One year later, the kids are healthy! But a well built to support several hundred people is being used by 3200, so we’re doing more. We’re doing everything we can! Join us!

CNN did a feature on Free2Play with me and Dave Batstone as part of the CNN Freedom Project:

As the regular season in Major League Baseball kicks off, meet a pitcher who is championing the fight against modern-day slavery. CNN’s Mark McKay reports.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

YouTube user jerm9023 made an awesome video by compiling footage, pictures and facts from Call and Response, Not For Sale, and The Polaris Project. We love to see young people using their creativity in Web 2.0 activism! Send us your links.

Dave Batstone, founder of the Not For Sale Campaign, interviewed on CBS by Hannah Storm:

Former Congresswoman Linda Smith, founder of Shared Hope International, interviewed by Bill O’Reilly:

Excellent video about human trafficking in Atlanta, Georgia, USA:

“Swap Your Choc”! Great reasons to buy fair trade chocolate and avoid contributing to forced labor in the industry:

Here’s the trailer for an awesome movie about child slavery in the chocolate industry, called “The Dark Side of Chocolate”:

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  1. What an inspiring collection. My favorites are the ones created by young people and posted to YouTube. I also really loved the interview with James Boateng. “Education changes lives,” indeed! When people are educated about slavery in the cocoa fields, they might change their buying patterns. When that happens, the lives of slaves can change. It’s a challenging process, an uphill battle, but we can do it.

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