A Tough Habit to Break

Airlines basically try to re-create middle school society: a small clique of the privileged few envied by everyone on the outside. John Ortberg, Who Is This Man?

I wrote last time about the phenomenon of saving seats for the privileged few. In Rome, reserving special treatment for men of high status served to reinforce social class hierarchy. Jesus taught us not to do that. His brother, James, was very explicit in his instructions to treat everyone the same. But it’s a tough habit to break.

It even happens on airplanes! Continue reading

Save Me A Seat?

If we had a vision of heaven, here’s what we would see. The people that we consider the crummy, no good people, the low-lifes, would be the ones hanging out with Jesus. I think Jesus would be sitting right among them, and we would be in the background, wishing we were right up there with Him. We’d be asking each other, “Man, why did they get a front row seat with Jesus?”

And Jesus would say, “They get a front row seat in heaven because they took a back row seat for their entire life, that’s why. And I’m God. That’s how I work.” Continue reading