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Everybody Is Just Like You

Every human being, in their flesh, is imperfect. We can’t change that. A copper pipe can never be anything but a copper pipe. We can never be anything but flawed.

But we can be changed. We can be changed the same way a copper pipe can be changed. A copper pipe can heat up when hot water flows through it. A human being can be changed by Jesus when He flows through us. If you want to change, you can be changed. All you need is Jesus.

Jesus was God Incarnate. He was the whole thing. He was the copper pipe and the hot water. In fact, He was instant heat, a hot water pipe that’s hot all the time. Jesus was always perfect.

He knew that if we could accept Him for who He is, and let the Spirit of God run through us, then we would change. That’s why He said, “I am what you need me to be. I am God, I am everything, I am the great I Am.”

That’s why sinners followed Jesus. He hung out with them. He loved them! He loved them because He saw them as sinners. He knew they were people of flesh and blood, imperfect and flawed. He knew they had nothing going for them. But He didn’t say, “You’re a bad person to be around because you’re angry.” He didn’t say, “I’m not staying here with you. I heard you use a cuss word.” He didn’t say, “Shame on you for being jealous! I’ll never hang around with you.”

No. He never says any of those things. Jesus looks at a sinner and says, “I created this person standing in front of me. I know her issues. I know his struggles.” He looks at us, and He loves us.

As the church, we have to try a lot harder to love like Jesus. We have to get to the point where we can look at outsiders, outside the faith looking in, and love on them. We have to stop looking at them in judgment. We have to stop saying to them, “Well, you don’t go to church, so you must not be a Christian.” We have to stop saying, “You don’t believe in Jesus, so you’re not as good as me.”

Just remember this simple fact: you are the same as everybody else, flawed and imperfect. We are all sinners. Nobody is exempt. The only thing that can make us different is Jesus.

When you look at people, remind yourself of this. This is reality. If you didn’t have Jesus, then you would be exactly like them. In fact, you are exactly like them. You still make the same mistakes they make. You have the same struggles as everyone else. There’s only one difference, and it’s Jesus. You don’t get the credit! You simply know that in Christ, you can be changed.

So the next time you feel like judging somebody, remember that they are just like you. Let Jesus run through you, and love on them instead.

If we can remember that, then we can love people like Jesus loves them. We can do it because we’ve let Him in.

See you Saturday.

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