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Calming the Storm of Anger

It’s not my goal to judge people. I’m a person too, which makes me just like everyone else. How can I judge?

Let’s take anger as an example, because there’s plenty of that going around. When I see anger in someone, I don’t say, “Hey man, you’ve got a serious anger issue. You need to clean that up.” I don’t even want to think that way.

Why not? Because I get angry too! What if I had a serious anger issue? A lot of people do. Suppose I had never asked God into my life. Without God, I could also be a very angry person. In fact, I’ve been there! I’ve been a very angry person!

Think of those times when you come home from work and you’re irritable. In your irritability, you speak sharply to your husband or wife, or you’re mean to your kids. Your spouse and your kids are thinking, “Why is she so angry? Why is he being mean? Mom/Dad is always so angry. I don’t understand!”

Well, everybody’s angry sometimes. Everybody experiences irritability after a day at work or home. That’s why we don’t judge each other for having anger issues.

In our flesh, every single person has a capacity for sin. Everyone thinks, feels, or does things that expose our imperfections. The Bible  teaches us to look past judgment and discover the value of choosing to let the Spirit of God into our lives.

Try this. Go back to those times that you came home from work and you were irritable. You didn’t want to take your anger out on your family, but you had to go in the house. You probably didn’t even want it to happen, but they saw your anger.

What can you do differently this time? Pray! Tell God that you’re irritable. Tell Him, “God, I know I’m angry, so I need you. You’re my peace. You’re my understanding. You calm storms! I would like to be filled with your Spirit right now.”

This is the answer! Turn to the Spirit. Turn to Him and let Him flow into your soul. Say, “God, I need the peace that only you can give me.”

Once you start doing that regularly, it will become easier and more natural for you to do it. Then you’ll start doing it quicker. You’ll start believing it sooner. And when you start believing it, it happens. Your irritability will leave you, and you’ll become peaceful. You won’t enter the house with anger, you’ll enter with peace. Now your family sees you and knows you as a happy, joyful person, all because you chose to ask the Spirit in.

There are so many people out there who do not choose to invite the Spirit in. But now, you don’t judge them. You don’t look at anybody having the exact same struggles as yours and say, “Why are you always like that?”

No, you don’t do that anymore. You don’t need to ask, because you know. They are you!

The only difference is that you choose – hopefully – to live by the Spirit of God.

See you Wednesday.

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