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So Easy to Judge

The Bible tells us, judge not. (Matthew 7:1-3) Most of us try to tell ourselves that we don’t, but the truth is, judging is a really natural thing to do.

This is how normal it is to judge. You hear somebody say, “Well, I don’t have a problem. I don’t judge,” and you immediately want to say, “I doubt that.” Right? We actually judge each other on whether we judge! It’s that natural.

Sometimes our discipleship makes it harder. We’re so conscious of trying to be good that we might look at someone and think, “Well, I’m good. But he’s not.” In your pursuit of discipleship, you judge. You do the very thing that you’re not supposed to do!

Do you know enough about anyone to judge them? You might think you do. You might look at someone and say, “I know he’s bad, because I know what he did.” But if he could look inside your soul, and he could hear your thoughts, he could probably tell you where you’re bad.

If we really think about it, we’ll realize that we’re no better than anyone else. We might think we are! But we’re really not.

When the Bible says, “Judge not, that you be not judged,” what does it mean? Is it really saying, “Don’t judge somebody?” Or is it saying, “Be careful how you judge somebody?” Or is it saying, “Judge only the people in the church,” because of the fruit of the Spirit? (Galatians 5:21-23) Is there ever a time when it’s proper to make a judgment call?

It’s difficult for me to wrap my brain around this, even though it’s something I want to live by. I really want to love my neighbor as myself, and that means not going around judging everyone. It’s the only way to get along. It’s the cure for most of the issues that come into play in relationships. And whether you’re fighting injustice, or merely dealing with people who think differently, things get a lot more clear when you don’t judge.

Jesus said there’s only two commandments: love me and love your neighbors. How simple this sounds! But it’s actually a very difficult thing to do. It’s all about being selfless. It’s all about not judging. It’s all about not doing the things that come naturally!

You know how people say, “Christianity is a crutch”? You’ll hear them say, “Christianity is the easy way out.”

But Christianity is not a crutch and it’s certainly not easy. If I’m going to choose a crutch, I’m not picking Christianity. It’s a very difficult foundation to stand on. It’s a very difficult way to live! One reason is that it’s so easy to judge. It’s easy to judge, and it’s easy to be hypocritical.

Christianity is hard, man. It asks us to transform ourselves.

It’s worth the hard work though. It’s worth it. And so I pray about it. I say, “God, I want to understand what you meant when you told us not to judge.” I want to understand it fully and completely. If we do not judge each other, we will be better off. We will live in peace and harmony with one another.

See you Saturday.

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