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The God of Second Chances

Jesus told the apostles, “I didn’t come just to die for you. I want to show you how to live. And once I show you how to live, I’m going to redeem you. You’ll have a second chance. Go and teach others what I have taught you.”

Jesus tells us, “Now that I have shown you how to live, you can be like me! I know you’ll mess up, but I died for you, so you’re redeemed. Because of my blood, you can come into heaven. I did that for you because without my redeeming blood, you don’t have a shot. You can’t live the right way. There is too much sin in the world.”

Second chances are so important. We all need one. We all need a lot of them! There are too many things working against us. There are too many enemies, right here in the world with us, telling us to live the wrong way.

That’s why we turn to Jesus. We need His powerful blood. Without it, we have no hope.

This is also why we need to evangelize. We can’t wait for Jesus to return. It’s our job to show others what Jesus showed us. We have to reflect Him now. People don’t really understand who He is, but without Him they have no hope. We need to bring Him to everyone.

Who is Jesus? For one thing, He’s a risk taker. He entrusted the Gospel to twelve men and a prostitute. Think about that. He gave the Gospel to twelve men, Mary, and later Paul. He gave them the Gospel to take into the world. He relied on them to show people who He was, and to remind people who God is.

Mary and those men did it. They did it well. By the time they died, there were one million Christians. One million!

He’s asking us to do the same thing now. He’s entrusted His Gospel to us. We have to continue that heritage. We have to continue the legacy left to us by Mary and the apostles. We have to show people who Jesus was.

Some people have lost sight of that. Some people think that the legacy of Jesus is make sure you go to church on Sunday, hang out within four walls and a roof, and then go home. That is not the legacy of Jesus! Jesus walked the streets. He hung out with people. He hung out with sinners!

And He didn’t judge them. He said, “I created you and I understand you. I don’t live like you but I can see how you would sin. You’re going to need a lot of forgiveness, because you’re going to mess up. You’re going to need my blood, because you are going to tank it. All the time.”

Jesus knew how hard it would be for us. So He showed us how to live, and then He gave us a second chance. He asked us to make sure the world understands. We need to do this. We need bring this to our relationships. We need to bring this to the church. This is grace, and we need to bring it.

See you Tuesday.

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