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A Lottery Prayer That Works

I began this blog in 2011. Can you guess the top search term that lands readers here? It is “lottery prayer that works.” That phrase has shown up within the top search terms literally every week of this blog’s existence.

If that’s why you are here, then let me help you. Look at this awesome promise that Jesus made before He was arrested and crucified:

Believe me: I am in my Father and my Father is in me. If you can’t believe that, believe what you see—these works. The person who trusts me will not only do what I’m doing but even greater things, because I, on my way to the Father, am giving you the same work to do that I’ve been doing. You can count on it. From now on, whatever you request along the lines of who I am and what I am doing, I’ll do it. That’s how the Father will be seen for who he is in the Son. I mean it. Whatever you request in this way, I’ll do. John 14: 11-14

What do you think about that? Jesus said that we will do greater things than He did, and that He will give us whatever we ask in His name! I think that’s awesome!

But even in the world of believers, there’s a lot of skepticism about this promise. We will receive anything we pray for? Really? You hear people say, “Oh really. You’re telling me that if I pray, ‘God, I want a Mercedes Benz,’ then all I have to do is believe, and I’ll get it?” Or, “I can pray to win the lottery, and if I really believe I’m going to win, then I will?”

Those are good questions! But my question is a little different. My question is, “Why do you ask for those things?”

Why? That question stands in advance of every prayer.

I believe it is God’s will to prosper you, but prosperity doesn’t always mean money or property. God can prosper you with a healthy family, or peace at your job. There are so many ways that God can prosper you! In the end, though, they all have one thing in common. It’s an issue of the heart.

God looks at the heart of all people. Men and women alike, He looks at your heart. If you sit there and say, “God, I pray for a million dollars,” I’m going to guess that the first thing God’s going to ask is why you want a million dollars. If you want a million dollars so that you can be rich, then I don’t know if He’s going to prosper you in that way.

Jesus promises to answer your prayer and give you what you ask for because “that’s how the Father will be seen for who He is in the Son.” That’s the context of His promise. God will give you what you ask for because you are doing His will.

I pray for finances. I really do. I pray for them, and I believe I’m going to get them. I can’t necessarily tell you why God grants my prayers, but I can tell you the reasons in my heart for wanting finances. I can see all the good that I can do with them.

I think God looks at your heart when it comes to everything. If your prayer is birthed in sin, it will never happen. Why would God answer prayers birthed in sin? I believe God answers prayers that are birthed in the hope of bringing grace and faith and power. I believe God answers prayers that are birthed in the desire to empower people to believe in Him and love Him. If that’s your reason for asking, then yes, I fully believe that you’re going to receive what you pray for.

In other words, if you’re going to do God’s will with those lottery winnings, then pray for them with all your heart!

I’ll say more on this next time. See you Tuesday.

49 thoughts on “A Lottery Prayer That Works

  1. Congrats on your blog…. wow I love reading your stories and your love for God and Jesus….. it really shows!!! Keep up the great work! God Bless!!! 🙏🏼😊


  2. Im on a God given mission to heal the broken hearted…..To open doors for Jesus that no man can close. ….To release the innocent in prison and to build a Koinonia Ranch for ec offenders to live and work and so much more
    I have bills to pay but .more than that I want to be the lender and not the borrower. I NEED BILLIONS ..People are hurting. Please pray I win the lottery soon and I can invest for Jesus +
    Lynn 🌷

  3. God as healed me having Pneumonia not once but Twice-I was on Oxogen 24/7 never thought I would ever come off from it with God and his Love to me it’s been over two weeks I have had no Oxogen-I ‘m sure there is a reason why I’m doing so well I have tried all my life to be a good person and I try to treat everybody the same-because God would want me to be the best I could be-If I win the Big Lottery tonight or in the near future, I would help out the real needy and the people have helped me and my family throughout the years when we were done and out on our Luck-and Jesus even if I don’t win I will be ever thankful to you for as long as I’m on this Earth-so please stay with me and keep from falling into the devilish ways. Please be with dear God

  4. Please help me to win 17 million euro on lottery . I need to buy a house and help my family . And help all the sick children and help all the deaf children . I would be very greatfull .thank you

  5. I desire to win the lottery to get out of poverty and help my family and church ministry. Poverty is an abomination and it is not the will of God for my life or anybody’s life for that matter. I would love to have the testimony that I owe no man or woman anything. This would be financially liberating for me. I just wanted to share.

  6. I pray for myself, my family and friends to receive a blessing of abundance… I am a winner in all things I do, and I prosper everywhere I turn. I have already in me inner peace of faith, love, and sharing. I do not speak of lack only that which is more, to better my quality of life… and through today’s prayers, I ask my Father the Most High God to open the flood gates to receive today’s winning Mega Million drawing, I carry with me an attitude of gratitude at all time. I am thankful…
    And so it is so…

  7. I desire to win the lottery to get out of this neighborhood and help my family I also take care of my sixty one year old sister. My Mother pasted five years ago i just want to do Gods will. Poverty is an abomination and it is not the will of God.So if i should win i would help as many people as i can .Pray For me.
    Thank You
    Othello Phillips Jr.

  8. I really need to win Lottery, I need to buy home and get married to my faithful fiancé, and large prosperous life, free from financial miseries and woes. So HELP me GOD, this month to win SA lottery

  9. i pray that God will allow me to win this powerball tonight so i can do his will and be a good force in this world to counter act the evil people with money. ive gone though many hardships and i believe in Gods will.I trust God and i trust your prayers ! thank you

  10. U are so rite u have to believe that God has it done already ..thank you so much For that message that open up my eye ..because I’ve been praying like crazy. For god to bless me to win the Lotto.. And u hit it to the T…I believe that my god is amazing and he will do wat u ask in prayer only if u believe ..I knw in my heart and spirit he will bless me I’m already a winner ..

  11. I trust my Lord that he answer my prayer to win lottery worth 200 million. my lotto number is 5,7,8,14,18,25. in jesus name. Amen

  12. I pray that God give me peace and help me win lottery tonight so that i can help my family,I believe in praying and i try that Lord will make a way for me and my family situation in Jesus name Amen!Thank you

  13. Thank you for bringing God’s word to people. God is so awesome and no matter what difficulties we are faced with, God will perform his will within our lives. May God bless everyone within this world with his divine grace.

  14. Very true. Thank you, my brother in Christ, for this message. I do pray to win the lottery also a lot, but it is not so that I can become rich. When I say that, I do not mean in the sense that it is just for the sake of money. My family has business debt that is in the hundred thousenths. Even my own personal debt, I am basically a quarter million in debt. Long story short, just a lot of bad decision making and undisciplined spending. I have already repented, and I believe my family as well has done the same thing. So, I only want to win the lottery to get out of debt and to have some money to also reinvest in our family business. Thanks again.

  15. I really need to win Lottery, I need to buy a home/financialy free and help family/friends and those in need. Please pray for me. Amen.

  16. Thanks that was beautiful I ask because I am in so much dedt If I won pay it off still work and give it to people that need it more than me God bless you all

  17. I really like your prayers coz if your helping other people without pay,you give good services to others with out pay,II”m sure God will reward us in many ways,not only in financial,health,peace & harmony among ourselves and to others.

  18. I request God to help me win a lottery so I can do the god’s work. Go meet the people selfless because I learn from my path that we all are the children of god; therefore, we have a relationship between us as a brother or sister. I will return all winning money to the god’s work.

  19. Hello my name is Dave. I have Multiple Sclerosis, supposedly. I had many prayers for healing by a pastor and the whole congregation. My prayers are very simple. I want to walk again. I need money to help others in special ways and for a doctor to get me out of this wheelchair. I’ve lost much from this disease. My career, mobility, natural body functions and now my marriage. I just need some help. So if you have the time please pray for me to hit the power ball. Not trying to be rich but I need more than my social security and Medicare. Thank you for listening and the goodness you are trying to get across. I understand exactly what you are saying. I believe the same but still no winnings. May you be blessed and be well.

  20. Heavenly Lord , Jesus , im Sincere in my asking to win this pic 5 , will bring my family and me happyness and we wont have to work sohard i can semi retire, and my son can pay off most of his house, and i will have a nice warm place to live , i will promise to give to Childrens Hospital. Who care and help children and parent to care illness and sickness, I will keep praying always

  21. I think your Wright God looks at your heart and that’s what counts the most what’s in your heart thanks for the great word

  22. hello can you please pray for me I want to win a power ball numbers I’m suffering in my life my name is gift Kamanga.

  23. Thank you Jeremy I really believe in God I know he can do everything for me but now I’m in a very bad situation would you please help me to pray God so I can win the lottery this month please because I can’t anymore the only thing I wanted to do now is killing myself because I have no body to help me pease my dear Lord help me to win the lottery jackpot

  24. I dont need an entire lottery,just enough that can clear my debts and have enough to cover sickness.Other folks can share the remainder

  25. Thank you. Thank you for spreading the word of Jesus. I have not been religious and don’t go to church. I have gone to church with friends once or twice and I thought praying was about getting stuff without a reason. I see now how to pray with my heart. I pray that my father wins the lottery not to be rich, but win enough money so we don’t get evicted and have to move schools again. Farther away from my Mom and friends. I pray that Jesus helps our family to keep this house and so my sister and I can graduate here with our friends. I can’t put into words how much we need this. So my Dad can keep his job and finally not worry about finance and can be happy and so we can help people that may be in our situation. I want to see my Dad happy again not stressing. We all pray and I promise to God that I will change my ways and not sin and be conscious of it and to spread the word of God.

  26. I saw that I was really wanting strenght and wisdom on the job so that I could have a peace of mind it’s overwhelming as to what they want for just me myself and I to do I love my job but my body can’t do like it use to so with that being said I’ve changed my prayer now I believe God will answer my prayers now. Thank You for openning my eyes and heart. Love Caryl

  27. i wasn’t aware that someone could see what I wrote but it is a wonderful surprise and I am thankful for these beautiful words of wisdom and love for God. I am not a greedy person,\but if I did the first thing I would do is replace the roof on my Church.

  28. Gee..I was impressed by the wording of your original post from 18 months ago but I see nothing since then..I won’t bore the Lord with a prayer for finances..I find it to be disengenous..I will ask this; My brother is soon to be homeless and is in failing health and if you can grant me the means to help him I would greatly appreciate it..He has a faith that is far greater than mine and I hope that he still has value on this earth in the Lord’s eyes….

  29. I believe and declare Lord Jesus let your will be done you know my financial situation Lord my mother is old no place that she calls home , Pls let it be to win a lump sum to be able to buy her a house Amen

  30. Hye…please pray for my family and poor people too..I want help those need help..but for me im nothing have..I only have jesus christ…before this I play lot of lottery games..but for lottery I have borrow lot of money with others. .now I can’t paid for them..I lost my happiness and my family happiness too…please pray for My financial problems. .Please pray that my financial will settled end of this month. .Please pray for poor family for get happiness and settled their financial by me or jesus christ..my name is hezekiah…in jesus name amen…

  31. Its my first time visiting this blog. The blog was fruitful and helpfull at the same. Bielifs and faith are the two remedies.

    I hope , I will have a luck on what I want.

  32. Thank you for this insight and confirmation.
    Yesterday was Friday the 13th (07-13-2018) that so many people dread. I wanted to turn this into a blessing. In the past, I have purchased Powerball tickets; 1 or 2 or even three without much thought. As I was contemplating which numbers to play, I heard 13. A fleeting moment passed when I realized I needed to purchase 13 tickets. I let the Lord know that I really needed to pay what was due to Ceasar. Not just for myself, but all of my children. Good medical plans for children and grandchildren, and so much more.
    What a blessing this would be.
    L.C. in Oklahoma

  33. Lord can i please have 6 number of powerball jackpot for saturday july 21 or Wednesday, july 25 or 6 numbers of mega millions jackpot on tuesday july 24 or friday july 27 please lord i know you can hear my prayer i pray for that alot thanks lord please hear my prayer pray amen

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