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You’re in the Right Place

Last time, I reflected on the roadblocks that God puts in our way. I think it’s important to recognize that sometimes, the obstacles we meet come from Him. We might have something we really want to do, but He knows we’re not ready. Maybe He wants to prepare us before we tackle something. So He blocks our path.

I look back on my own career, and it’s clear to me that there were many points along the way when I needed to wait. When I broke into the big leagues, at 22 years of age, I thought I was on top of the world. If God had given me fame then, or World Series success, I think I would have considered myself unstoppable. Maybe I would have had a heart for some things, but back then, I didn’t have a heart for the poor. I thought homeless people were lazy. I told them to get a job!

Why would God allow me a platform in Him when I had that kind of attitude toward people in poverty? Why would He give me a voice before I understood about injustice? I wouldn’t have used my voice, platform, or money the way that He wanted me to. I simply wasn’t ready.

God made me struggle for six years in the big leagues before giving me success. Looking back, I realize He was waiting for the right time. He was waiting until I could handle big league success in a holy and righteous way. The struggle was hard, but now I can see that He loved me too much to let me succeed right away. He said, “It’s not worth it. I can give you influence in a lot of ways, but I’ll do it six years from now — when you’re ready.”

Now that I can look back and see His plan, I’m okay with it. Obviously!

You might be itching to do something that will help build the Kingdom. But then God blocks you — while letting other people go and do it! It’s frustrating, I know. It’s really hard! Why did God call David to be the King of Israel, instead of one of his brothers? They were all older, so theoretically at least, they were better prepared for it. Imagine how they felt when God chose David over all of them!

It’s hard for us to understand why God did that, because His ways are not our ways. But He explained it for us. He looks at the heart of every man.

But God told Samuel, “Looks aren’t everything. Don’t be impressed with his looks and stature. I’ve already eliminated him. God judges persons differently than humans do. Men and women look at the face; God looks into the heart.” (1 Sam 16:7)

God knows the heart of every man. He knows I’m Kingdom-minded. He knows I want to help a lot of people by using my gifts. That’s why I try not to get frustrated when I hit roadblocks. Sometimes I fail! But I don’t give up. I’ve learned that He puts obstacles in my way for a reason. So I’m learning to be patient, and to help people from right where I am in life. I will work from here because this is where God has put me.

We are all right where God wants us to be! So if you’re feeling blocked, or frustrated, or thwarted, don’t feel bad. Be content! God has a purpose for you, right where you’re at. How about that? You’ve been chosen for it! So let it be. Once you understand that you are living the life that God has arranged for you, you will be joyful. You will be filled with praise and gratitude! You’ll say, “God, thank you!” It’s good to enjoy what God has for us. We enjoy doing Kingdom work because it’s joyful!

If you don’t believe you’re where you need to be, then tell Him. Knock on that door. Ask Him for your heart’s dream. Everything comes from Him. Our place in life comes from Him. The impact we have for the Kingdom comes from Him. So keep asking, and don’t give up.

See you Tuesday.

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