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Shortcut to Freedom

Here’s what God says: “Ask me, and I’ll help you. If you want to do it on your own, you’ll go through hell, and it will seem like a long, long time. Ask me, and I’ll help you. I’m here, and waiting! Ask me, and your walk will be my walk. My way is so much easier, and it’s wonderful.

“I came so you can have real and eternal life, more and better life than you ever dreamed of!” (John 10:10)

God is a patient, kind, compassionate, and loving Father. He has so much for us, if we just ask. He’s just waiting for us to ask. “Ask me,” He says. “I will help you.”

But people want to do it on their own, and He lets us. We’ve got free will. God sits back and says, “Alright! You want to do it yourselves, children? Go for it. Do it on your own. Let’s see what happens.

“Oh, look. You started a war. Congratulations! You want to say your religion is the right one, but you won’t ask me how to bring Christianity to the world? Great. Now you’ve got the Crusades. Now you and the Muslims are killing each other. We’ve got blood everywhere, and Christians look like a bunch of murderers. That’s awesome, because now Christians will be known throughout the world as people who kill for their religion.”

We didn’t learn. We kept doing it ourselves. Now God sits back and says, “Oh, look! Now you’ve got Protestants and Catholics. You’re arguing about whose theology is right, and you prefer the Thirty Years’ War to asking me how to live in harmony with one another. You would rather kill each other than ask me for help? You’d rather have WWII, and the IRA, and Catholics and Protestants blowing each other up? That’s how you think I want this going down?”

God looks at us and asks, “Why don’t you ask me for help? You want to do it yourself, and now we’ve got wars. You want to do it yourself, and now we’ve got murder. You want to do it yourself, and now we’ve got people getting raped. You’re not asking, and now we’ve got people being trafficked. We have greedy people that know how to get rich off of sin. They will take a woman and reuse her over and over again and treat her like crap. They get rich their way, not my way.”

And now we’ve got issues.

The church has access to God, so why don’t we just ask Him for help? Why don’t we go to God and say, “How do we eliminate these issues?” God will help us. He will say, “Here’s how you do it.” Done! Thank you! In five minutes, God will help us complete something we’ve spent centuries trying to do: free the slaves, end cruelty and violence, and restore health and happiness to all of His children. God’s wisdom is the shortcut to freedom. It’s the shortcut to the kingdom.

I’ve tried to do things my own way. I still do, sometimes. I’m only human! But it’s so much better to just say, “God, show me what I need to do. I’ll do it, with your wisdom.”

We are God’s resources. We are His hands. Let’s ask Him for help, and bring the kingdom!

See you Monday.

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