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Relationship, Not Dictatorship

A human life is a journey. It’s a journey to see how we deal with faith and works, grace and legalism, doubt and fear, mistrust and trust. If you think about life in this way, you’ll see what a beautiful thing it is. I’ve heard people talk about life as if it is something just disgusting and wrong. It’s not. It’s beautiful, watching the journey of a human life.

Sometimes bad things happen because of it. I’m not saying that there’s nothing bad or evil going on. There is cruelty and malice in this world. People get sick. They get raped. They get put in slavery. They get murdered. People start wars! But that doesn’t take away the beauty of human life, or the beauty in watching how it all plays out.

For me, the beautiful thing is knowing that I can call upon someone to empower me to make right decisions. God is my father, my daddy, there to help me when I need help. Prayers of supplication are not just for me or you. Supplication is a request. We know about the pain involved in human trafficking. So we say, “God, I want you to act in this area.” Supplication is an awareness of what’s going on. Asking God to act in this area is empowerment.

God could do everything for us, if He wanted. One day, God could simply decide, “I’m going to end all slavery, right now. Here you go.” Then, boom! God snaps his fingers, and slavery and trafficking are finished. That sounds so good, right? But isn’t that suspiciously similar to the way that dictators behave? There’s no free will in that. There’s no choice. That’s not relationship. That’s dictatorship.

God can cure all the pain and suffering that He wants, and there’s a lot that He does cure. But He has also asked us to love each other. If God just waves a magic wand over slavery and other evils, then there is no need for us to love another. If God did it all for us, we would never love our neighbors as ourselves, because we wouldn’t need to. In fact, we’d probably introduce trafficking and slavery right back into the world, perhaps even the very next day. We’d just do it all over again!

Loving our neighbors as ourselves is the only way to cure evil once and for all. Our love for each other is how God chose to confront evil. He chose us. There’s no point in asking why, because only God knows why. We just know that this is what God asked us to do. He gave us the Earth, to be fruitful and multiply, and to take care of it and each other. Why would He create people just so that He can do everything for us? What would be the point? He did that before creation. He just sat up there anyway. He didn’t need to create the Earth and its people so we could just sit around and let Him do everything.

We’ve brought stuff into the world that we shouldn’t have. Now He wants to see how we cope with it. He made sure there would be mercy for us. He sent His son to die. But now, He says, act on it. I want to see you interact, relate, love. Move in grace. Show me how you can move in grace.

More on this next time. See you Monday.

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