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Wounded Prayer

The power of prayer is huge. I’ve mentioned the ACTS method of prayer: Adoration, Confession, Thanksgiving, Supplication. It’s so easy to get caught up in supplication, especially when we’re feeling troubled. But think of the power of confession!

You can sit there all day and say, “God, give me this. Give me that, and give me this other thing too. This is what I need, God.” You can do that. But what if God is saying, “I can give you all of that, but it’s not going to help your anger issue. It’s not going to make you less fearful. It won’t make you feel less alone. All those things you’re asking for? I can give them to you, but they won’t help me heal your pain. It won’t let me heal the wound that I see gaping in your soul right now. Ask me for healing. That’s what you really need.”

Of course God could heal all our wounds on His own, but why would He? Something so precious is lost when we don’t ask. Prayer is relationship, and when we go to God with our pain, we experience His power and grace in the most awesome way. Confession is a prayer of yearning. You open up your heart, all the way. Maybe all you can say is, “God. God!” But when He hears that, He smiles. He says, “Ahhhh. Now you’re real. Now you’re alive. Now I pour into you. Let’s release that pain. These are the wounds that I want to heal.”

You need to release your deepest hurt because it’s good for you. It’s okay to go to God and ask Him, “Give me this, give me this, give me this, give me this.” It’s okay. But all that stuff you ask for will pile up on that wound and you won’t be able to feel the pain. Then a little gaping wound can become a stronghold. “Give me this,” you’ve said, but all you’ve done is ask God to put something on top of your wound. You’ve asked Him to put a Band-aid on your soul so you can keep going. So sometimes God says no, because He doesn’t want you to be in pain. Satan’s just pulling at that wound. He’s ripping it open more and more, and the pain is going deep. Next thing you know, your internal world is a world of pain. That’s just what the Devil wants.

That’s why Jesus says, “Your wound needs to be healed. Come to me. Show me. Say, ‘This is my wound.’ We’re going to heal that wound together, but I need you to feel it. You’ve got to know it’s there. You’ve got to confess it, so you know it’s there.”

Jesus isn’t telling you to confess because it’s the only way to be good enough for Him. He doesn’t tell you to confess it so that He can forgive you. Confession is for you, not for God. He’s already forgiven you. You’re forgiven!

Jesus tells you to confess so that you will know your wounds. He wants you to ask Him to heal you. It’s for you. It empowers you. It’s your release. Jesus sets you free.

The power of prayer is huge. Yearn for Him, because He hears your cries. Confess to God, and let Him pour into you. Then everything will mean something. We just need to heal that wound.

See you Monday.

One thought on “Wounded Prayer

  1. Great Word here Jeremy. This reminds me of a great skit put on by the Skit Guys, in which we ask God for help, and he wants to help us, but we are not fully committed to what that means. We want surface changes, while God wants heart changes. If you get a chance, take a look. This video has impacted countless lives in my ministry. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3QCkBL2DfVg

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