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Intercessory Prayer Is Power

Again I say to you that if two of you agree on earth concerning anything that they ask, it will be done for them by My Father in heaven. For where two or three are gathered together in My name, I am there in the midst of them. Matthew 18:19-20

Intercession is very powerful. Intercession is hugely powerful! The scriptures will tell you how powerful it is. It creates revival. It really does.

When you meet Jesus, the first thing you learn is that He loves you. He loves you so much. And it blows your mind! His love is amazing! He redeemed us! He is our brother.

Love this deep and faithful is so life-changing that you start reading about Him. When you do, you find out what an incredible life He lived. You learn about all the things He did, all the things He said, and all the wisdom He taught. Once you know this, you just want to be wherever He is. You want to follow Jesus. You want to run after Him! And you want to do what He did. You want to take care of people. You want to bring them life, and faith, and health. You want to meet their needs and comfort them.

So you go out to help people, and you find out right away that the world is difficult. It’s a really complicated place. It is really wounded. And it can be scary. You go out to help people and you find out right away that their needs are pressing, and urgent, and overwhelming. How do you know what to do?

You ask God, because He will give you wisdom. You can find a quiet place to pray, like a “prayer closet.” You can sit there, and just talk to God. This is really important. We all need to do this.

But I also really like prayer rooms. Prayer rooms are so cool because they are all about intercessory prayer. When you go to a prayer room, you pray the prayers that other people have requested. You pray for people you don’t even know!

I started one of these in Spokane one time, and it blew up. It was unbelievable. People were putting their sins in a shredder right in front of a cross, because that’s essentially what the cross did. It shredded our sins. We told people, write what you’ve sinned about, and put it through that shredder. We wound up with a bucket spilling over with shredded paper. We also invited people to write their prayer requests on the walls, and everyone honored these requests. We prayed. We created a place where people got away from focusing on their own needs, and began praying on behalf of others. We created a place dedicated to intercessory prayer.

Later, we heard stories about healing. We heard about a daughter reuniting with her father because of forgiveness. She needed people to pray for her, and she wrote it on the wall. She wrote her anger and she asked for release. Everybody that came into that prayer room was praying for that girl. And all of a sudden, that week, she was reunited with her father. In joy!

I like the prayer rooms because they get you outside of your selfish needs. When you get outside of yourself, you begin to ask, “What do other people need right now?” Then you see all these different prayer requests and you start praying these prayers. You start praying for people you’ve never met, and maybe never will. You’ll see all kinds of good things come out of it. Intercessory prayer will release you. It’s empowering!

More on prayer next time. See you Thursday.

One thought on “Intercessory Prayer Is Power

  1. Thanks for the reminder, Jeremy. It is so easier to concentrate on ourselves or our loved ones in prayer.

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