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Prayer is Relationship

Last time, I talked about grace. Those who understand what Jesus did for them live a Spirit-led life in grace. It is a life conceived by God. We live in His kingdom already and not yet. I was very emphatic about this! So you might ask, “Well then, Jeremy, what is prayer for?”

To begin with, prayer is seeking wisdom. The Bible says, if you want to know what to do, then ask. I think prayer is also to encourage. If you use the ACTS method of prayer, you’ll understand. Prayer is for Adoration, Confession, Thanksgiving, and Supplication. Above all, prayer is relationship.

I adore my wife, so I tell her all the reasons why she’s beautiful. That’s adoration. I also confess things to my wife. I’ll tell her, ”Honey, I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have done that.” Or I acknowledge where I’ve offended her, and I apologize. That’s confession. I thank my wife for everything she does for me and our family. “Honey,” I say, “I’m thankful to you for raising our kids. I’m so thankful for how good you are to me. Thank you so much for how you serve this family.” That’s thanksgiving. Finally, I will ask her for things. I’ll say, “Honey, this is what I need from you right now.” That’s supplication.

In our marriage, we give adoration, confession, thanksgiving, and supplication. This is relationship.

God is our wisdom, our strength, our shield, and our fortress. If we want to be in a relationship with God, we need to do the same thing with Him that we do with our loved ones. Prayer is conversation with God. In prayer, we adore, confess, give thanks, and supplicate. It’s the ACTS method of prayer.

Sometimes I just look up and say, ‘You are good, God. You are so good. Here’s why. Here’s what reminds me how good you are. Here are all the things you’ve done.” I list everything I see that reflects His goodness. That’s adoration.

David did it all the time. “God, he said, “you are good.” David also confessed. Look at Psalm 51, where he said, “God, man, I messed up. I tanked it. I killed this woman’s husband so I could be with her. I blew it. Please do not take your Spirit from me in my stupidity.” In prayer, David confessed.

David was also very thankful. “Thank you, God! I can see how you’ve rescued me from my enemies. You let me hide in the cave of Adullam. I was in a cave, but you rescued me from Saul and his mighty army. Thank you.”

And David asked for the things he needed. We can do that, too. We can say, “God, I need you to provide for my needs. I need you to show me the things I need to know. I need you, in your goodness, to talk to me. God, I need wisdom. I can’t do this on my own. I need these things.”

It’s easy to go straight to the S part of ACTS. Sometimes people just ask for things and forget the rest. Why don’t you adore Him? Confess to Him? Thank Him? That’s relationship!

God is the ultimate, man. He’s the giver of life. Go to Him and tell Him, ”I adore you God, just for that. Thank you!”

That’s what prayer is for. See you Monday.

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