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Want Success? Work Wisely

Joseph succeeded in all he did. Why? Because the Lord was with him. When Joseph went to work, his bosses looked at him favorably. I also think his fellow workers appreciated him and enjoyed his company, because he encouraged them. And when Joseph did something, it produced good results.

All of this happened because he relied on God’s wisdom.

You can do the same! Right now, today, you can say to God, “Help me make a decision that will allow things to prosper in my place of work.” Allow God to talk to you and guide you. Allow Him to show you what you need to do for your employers and employees to succeed. Then you will prosper.

This is how I focus my efforts. When I was pitching, I listened to God. I wanted to be successful, but I needed His wisdom to do it. If I went to the field every day and worked really hard on being a side-armed pitcher, I would not have found success, because that’s not what I was asked to do. Or I could have said,“I’m going to learn to throw a knuckleball.” I could have worked really hard on it. But that’s not what God led me to do. Without God’s wisdom, I wouldn’t have found the success I wanted, no matter how hard I worked!

Of course there are very successful nonbelievers. A nonbeliever works really hard in the areas that he knows brings success. He goes to work and says, “I know what works, so that’s what I’m going to do. I’m going to work really hard at it and do it well.” And he does, because he knows that success comes from hard work.

Joseph also worked hard. The difference is that Joseph worked wisely. He followed the wisdom that God gave him. Joseph didn’t do what he thought was right. He did what God said is right. God showed him what to do, and that’s where Joseph worked hard. That’s why he gained favor. That’s how he succeeded. That’s how I succeeded!

So think about this. What if that hardworking, successful nonbeliever finds Jesus? Then he will begin asking God for wisdom. He still does his work. He still works hard. But now, he does the Lord’s work too. He helps bring the Kingdom.

When he does that, he discovers a joy that he couldn’t have known in any other way. It’s the joy that cannot be matched, because it comes from God.

Now that is success!

See you Monday.

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