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Work in Grace

It’s amazing to me how the whole Bible opens up and begins to live, I mean really live, once I look at it through the lens of grace.

The Gospel of John tells us a story about the day the resurrected Jesus miraculously filled the disciples’ net with fish (John 21:1-14). It’s a wonderful example of what happens when we choose to live and work in grace.

You see, the disciples had been fishing all night, but they hadn’t caught anything. That was discouraging! And yet when morning came, there was Jesus, on the shore — and cooking fish! You can imagine the conversation. The disciples said, “Hey, you caught fish!” And Jesus said, “Yeah! Where’s your fish?” “Well,” the disciples said, “We’ve been working all night, but we didn’t catch any fish.” So Jesus said, “Well, why don’t you throw your net over there?” And they said, “Jesus, didn’t you hear us? We already labored all night, and we didn’t catch anything!”

There it is. They labored all night. “Jesus,” they said, “we worked all night, but we didn’t succeed. We worked, and worked, and worked.” And Jesus said, “Yes, I know, but hold on a second. When you live with me, it’s different. I am grace! I am truth! So when I tell you to throw your net somewhere, believe me, you will catch fish!”

This is an awesome message! “Work in my wisdom,” Jesus says. “That’s where you will find your success. You tried to do it all on your own. You worked and worked and worked to get your fish, right? I saw you! But guess what? You don’t have any fish! So why not just do what I say? I’ll give you the wisdom you need.”

So what did the disciples do? They said, “Okay, Jesus, tell us where to throw the net.” “Throw it right there,” He said, and they did. Boom! There was so much fish that their boat almost sank! There was so much fish that their net should have broken! But Jesus even took care of the net for them. That’s grace! That is grace!

Jesus tells us, “Apart from me, you can do nothing. Work all you want. Live by the law all you want. But I’m telling you, you will not find what you need. Instead, why not live with me? Why not listen to me? I am grace! I am truth! You know what? I will set you free! Work in grace, and you will have abundance.”

Every single day, Jesus teaches us in grace and in truth. “Come, live with me,” He says. “When you are apart from me, you can do nothing. But when you are with me, all things are possible.” Think about that!

John’s story is a lesson in law and grace. Legalism means working to save yourself. Grace means letting Jesus save you.

Everything in scripture reflects this choice between grace and legalism. One works, and the other one doesn’t.

More on this next time, and in the coming weeks. See you Monday.

2 thoughts on “Work in Grace

  1. Dear Jeremy thank you for your wonderful post.
    I had not looked at that story as an example of how important it is that we don’t try to succeed as a “christian” without the help of Our Lord but that is exactly what it is and such a good example indeed.
    Being raised up on the Bible is entirely different than studying the Bible as an adult and it always surprises me how differently others interpret its passages.
    I am grateful for parents that taught me to love God and respect the Bible as His word however I relied far too long on what they told me the passages were suppose to mean to me. I have been an adult for many years however I haven’t spent the kind of time I wish I had on studying the Bible but I am taking that time now and what a difference it makes in my life.

  2. Jeremy,

    This was a powerful and important way for me to start my day. Thank you for all the important words of wisdom you allow God to speak through you. It really does make a difference in my life, as a reader.

    You continue to be a Giant.


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