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God and Family

Lately I’ve been reflecting on what happens when you go to God and sincerely say, “Mold me.” It launches a process of becoming who you will be in Christ. Paul referred to this as “trials and tribulations.” Clay goes through the fire!

When Jesus calls, it is about doing His work. But what happens to your family when you do this? Doesn’t Luke 14:26 say that you have to deny your family?

Not really! The Bible says that a good wife is a blessing from God (Proverbs 18:22). It tells us that children are a gift from God (Psalms 127:3). It tells you to love your wife like Christ loves the church. Cover your family in every thing (Ephesians 5:25).

You have to understand Luke’s story in context. The first disciples broke every religious rule they could possibly break when Jesus entered the picture. They did it because Jesus looked at the way people were living, and He said, “That’s not it. I’m it.” Doing the Lord’s work does not mean saying to your kids, “I’m not going to be a father to you anymore, because I’ve got to go do God’s work.” It just means that you can’t put them before Jesus. Jesus is the beginning and the end. Jesus is the first and the last. “I am It,” Jesus says. “Make sure you’re in line with me first, and I will put everything else in order for you.”

The Bible says that teaching your children about God is the number one goal for your family (Ephesians 6:4). You have to be the reflection of Jesus in your kids’ lives so that they’ll understand who He is. If you’re never there, then you’re not doing that. It doesn’t matter what else you’re doing. You could be doing mission work or poverty work, but if you’re never there for your family, they will lose sight of who Jesus is. Actually, they’ll become angry with Him. Your kids will think Jesus is taking their Dad away from them.

You have to understand your family’s needs, and you have to feed those needs. You have to do what God calls you to do, but when you’re at home, you have to be a good husband and a good father. If you’re not filling your family’s cup with love, then what you do for Jesus will cause strife. If you’re not covering your wife and family, then it doesn’t matter what else you do, because you’re not actually doing it for Jesus. You’re supposed to be a good husband. You’re supposed to be a good father. Your ministry to your family is your number one ministry.

When God asks you to do something, He’s going to let your family know that it’s alright. There might be times of confusion, when you say to God, “Wait, what should I be doing? I don’t know if this is right.” Then you have to pray about it. You have to talk to God about it. You have to ask your wife to pray about it. But you can be assured that He’s never going to tell you to do something that’s going to cause turmoil in your marriage or your family. You can be sure, because turmoil is not God. That’s not who He is. God is family. He created us to love us. Relationship is what He’s all about. So He would never ask you to do something that would destroy the most important relationships of your life — the ones you have with your wife and kids.

You’ve got to minister to your wife and kids. And when you ask God to change you, to make you into who you are to become, you are basically asking to become a reflection of who God is. You’re asking to become a reflection of Jesus to your family. And as He changes and molds you, He’ll change and mold them, too. And you’ll grow in that. In that calling, you will find your freedom and your love.

See you Thursday.

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