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I Will Weep With You

While Jesus was here, incarnate and walking among us, He was the perfect model of servant leadership. He said, “I love people. I was there at the beginning of the world with my Father, and He created man in our image. So when I see things that are going wrong, I want to make them right. As long as I’m walking this Earth, and I see someone that is supposed to be created in our image but is not reflecting that image, I want to heal that wound.”

Last time, I focused on the way that Jesus served when He performed miracles. But Jesus served in so many other ways. For example, He served by teaching. Everywhere He went, He was teaching. When you teach, you take your time, and you give it up for other people. That’s service. And when Jesus went into the Temple, He preached and He loved on people. He served them.

Look at what He did for His disciples. Right before His death, He knelt before them and washed their feet! This surprised them, and Peter even protested, saying, “Master, you wash my feet?” (John 13:3-6) And Jesus said, “Yes, I’m going to wash your feet. I’m going to serve you.”

The ultimate service is the crucifixion, right? Jesus died for us. He died for everyone. He laid down his life even for those people today who think He didn’t exist. And He knew it! He knew what He was doing! That’s service, man! He didn’t sacrifice His life for fame or glory. He didn’t do it so that He could listen to people sit around and talk about how great He was. His life was over. Even though He resurrected, He left the Earth. That was it. It was sacrifice. He chose to do this one great deed, and through it, He saved humanity. That’s service.

And so, for me, that’s why Jesus was It. The one and only. He was transparent. He was vulnerable. He shared Himself with the world, and He exposed Himself to the ultimate pain by hanging on that cross.

He knows our pain, too. Jesus cried. He wept. He wept from His own pain, in the garden. He also wept for the pain of others. When Lazarus was dying, He wept for Mary. He said, “I can see your grief and I can see how painful it is. I understand it, and I’ll weep with you.” Jesus did this knowing full well that He was going to raise Lazarus from the dead. He wept with Mary because he was transparent and vulnerable. He took on all our pain. He experienced it all. And He shared it, all of it.

Being a servant is understanding and empathizing. Jesus said, “Hey, I see your pain and I feel it. And do I know there’s going to be joy? Yes! Do I know the sun’s going to come up tomorrow? Yes! But you know what? I’m frustrated because you’re frustrated. I’m sad because you’re sad. I’m here and I understand, and I will weep with you.”

When you think about how husbands are supposed to love their wives as Christ loved the church, it’s basically this. It’s serving.

More on this next time. See you Monday.

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