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Thankful for Giants Community Relations

Last time, I talked about the work I got to do with companies like Peet’s Coffee and non-profits like Larkin Street Youth Services. In a nutshell, I got to work with people who want to help. There are a lot of disadvantaged people, kids and adults alike, who don’t have what we have. They don’t get to experience what we get to experience. But people who want to help are in abundance in the Bay Area. I was very thankful to be a part of it.

That’s why I thanked some of the Front Office personnel, including the community relations department, at my retirement ceremony. They were such a big part of who I’ve become. Because of them, I was exposed to a lot of good things.

Before I came to San Francisco, I played with several other teams. I went to them and told them my heart. I told them that I wanted to be part of the community, and participate in community service. But they never got me out there. I wasn’t a marketable player, right? There were players that they wanted to push in the community, but I wasn’t one of them. I wasn’t going to be there that long. They knew it, and I knew it. So even though I wanted to get out and represent my team and my heart, they never came to me or invited me to do things.

It made sense, but it wasn’t what I wanted. So imagine how excited I was about the way the Giants allowed me to go out in the community! They allowed me to promote the Giants and represent the organization. They created opportunities for me to go out and show our community who the Giants really are. They allowed me to lead! For me, it was awesome. It was awesome to represent the Giants in the community.

But they also allowed me to represent myself, and who I am. This was because of the quality of the people who work in the Giants’ community relations department. They really got to know me. They really cared. I got to spend a lot of time with them talking about the things that are personally important to me. So they got to know my heart! They really took the time to do it. They knew what I wanted because they asked me, and I told them. I said, I want to be a part of serving our community. This is who I am. This is what I’m about. And I want to be as influential in the community as I possibly can. Knowing my heart as they did, the first experience they made possible was Larkin Street Youth Services. And when I brought Not For Sale to them, they supported me.

That’s what I was so thankful for, when I thanked them at the ceremony. I’m grateful to them for learning my heart, understanding what I wanted to be a part of, and helping to make that a reality for me.

More on this next time. See you Thursday.

3 thoughts on “Thankful for Giants Community Relations

  1. The Bay Area is so fortunate to have you leading by example, Jeremy! I hope we will always continue to see you impacting both the Giants and the Bay Area. Merry Christmas to you and your family!

  2. Jeremy i enjoy your posts even the religious ones (which is most of them) as im not very religious but still want to know what makes everyone tick — God Squaders especially!

    We can all use a little more religion in our lives and while i know many think they are “religious” their views and actions may point at a double standard or a pick-and-choose way of applying religion to whatever they personally see as the Right Thing…and oh no thats the Wrong Thing.

    You arent like that at all which is refreshing. Like not all liberals want to “kill babies” and all conservatives want to own assault rifles and shoot up Planned Parenthood. Disagreements, and negotiation, are a way of life. Or should be.

    In my non-profit job i get to mountain bike w/the Larkin Street group a couple times a year. (Trips For Kids takes underserved youth out to the great outdoors via mountain biking.) And the guys and gals of Larkin Street are going through a lot of intense things — but on our rides we push them like any group we ride with and see a transformation during and towards the end of our rides. They get to forget their worries for a few hours and think about all the aching muscles, hard breathing and how dang tough this ride is — it really gets the blood going and at the end everyone is everyone else — tired but elated both physically from an achievement standpoint and hopefully spiritually as well.

    Well enough of that. Looking forward to your continued thoughts and good deeds even as you move back home, away from the bay area. Thank you for everything #41!



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