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Honored to Honor Others!

I mentioned last time that the Giants gave me an on-field retirement ceremony that for me, was overwhelming. When I started this game, I never thought I would have an opportunity like that. Especially in the middle of my career when I was struggling! I never thought that a day like that would come, or that I’d have an opportunity to do what I did. I never thought I’d get to retire the way I did, or to go out of the game the way that I got to go out. I mean, that ceremony was really, really awesome. Being able to end it like that, and to be invited to speak in the way that I was able to speak, put a stamp on my career that I never dreamed possible.

That ceremony was so special to me because it allowed me to honor the people that I wanted to honor. Actually, I wanted to honor so many more people than I could during the ceremony. We had a game to play, so I couldn’t stand out there talking for three hours! So there were a lot of people that I honored in private, behind closed doors. I just told them how much I appreciate them. I was able to speak to all of my teammates, even though I was only able to call out a few of them during the ceremony. I was able to speak to all of my coaches, even though I was only able to call out a few of those too.

And at the ceremony, I was able to publicly honor some of the really important people in my life. I was able to speak to my mom and my dad, my family, and my wife and my children. I was able to speak to the fans when they were right there in the stadium with me.

I got to say the things that I wanted to make sure I said before I walked away from the game. I got to say the things that I felt in my heart needed to be said.

It was so important to me! I’m so fulfilled! Even now, when I’m at home, or out in the woods, or doing whatever I’m doing, I don’t have any regrets. I never say to myself, “Man, I wish I had said this,” or, “I wish I had said that.” I don’t have that feeling. I know I said everything I needed to say, and the Giants made that possible for me. I was very honored by the organization. I was honored by how they put the ceremony together and for everything they did, including flying my family in for the occasion and taking really good care of them during the days leading up to the event.

It was just a great time. It was just really awesome. And it was an honor that I never thought I would have.

I don’t wish my that career would have gone any other way than it did. I’ll be honest: I don’t wish some parts of my career on anyone! But in the end, overall, I don’t wish my life had gone any other way. I never look to God and say, “Man, God, I wish you would have let some things go differently for me.” I never do that, because I really feel like what I learned, and what I was able to accomplish, all happened according to His awesome plan.

More on this next time. See you Monday.

3 thoughts on “Honored to Honor Others!

  1. Thanks, Jeremy, for the memories. I once met you in person in Peet’s coffee in St. Louis a few year ago and you were great to me even though I was a star-struck fan. Have a great retirement. — a Giant’s fan.

  2. Jeremy, I am happy for you and your family! I work at San Jose Giants–and while you were rehabbing and pitching on the field, got to see your wife and three lovely little boys cheering you on. YOu are a great example of what it means to be a man for your children. I am glad that I got to watch you on your Giants journey. Peace!

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