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Worshipping the Problem Solver, Part 2

We  often ask God for the things that we want, and we are thankful when we get them. We have all these moments of asking and thanking, asking and thanking. But we don’t remember to have a simple time of adoration for our God.

So I started to do that this year. And I’m continuing to do it. This year’s knee injury came at a really bad time, just as my arm was just starting to feel better, and just as everything was starting to go a little bit better. I had to step back and say, “Abba, Daddy, I need you. I need you to be my strong tower. I need you to be my strength and my deliverer. I need you to be my all-knowing God and remind me that you know everything. Because Abba, Daddy, I feel like I’ve been abandoned.”

And that’s truly how I have felt at times. Sometimes I have to purposefully remember that I have not been abandoned. I’m a member of the family of the King of Kings, to whom He has said, “I am your father. I will never leave you, nor will I ever forsake you.”

God is for us. He’s for me. There’s this aroma that I have to remember. It’s the aroma of Christ. It’s that feeling that we can trust Him. Our circumstances may not be what we want, but He makes all things work together for good. Trust Him.

It is so difficult at times. I read in scripture to trust the Lord with all my heart, soul, and mind. His Word tells me to lean not on my own understanding. The scripture says trust Him, because in all my ways, He will make my path straight. And I have to say, man, you are right. I can’t lean on my own understanding. Because I don’t understand. I don’t understand why this season went the way it went. Some of you might not understand why your job’s not going the way it’s supposed to be going. Or your marriage isn’t going the way it’s supposed to go. Or school’s not going right. Or things are falling apart. We don’t always understand that. And that is why God says, “Run to me. I am your rock. I am your strong tower. I am the person you can hide in. I will protect you.”

And we have to trust that! We have to! Because if we fight, if we don’t trust God, if we take our own way, then it will get harder. It will.

When I can get into that avenue of trust, sitting, even laying in the sanctuary of my King, then I can say, “Abba, Daddy, you’re right. Your burden is easy and your yoke is light, and I can come to you for rest.” I start to feel the Holy Spirit take over, and my heart fills with joy.

And so that’s been my year. I have had to learn to step back and trust. I have had to learn to lay before my God until my heart opens up and He says, “Yes. Jeremy, that’s what I’m looking for. Trust me. And that truth will set you free.”

If you don’t trust the truth, it can’t set you free.

I have really been tested this year. But I know my God is going to come through. It’s all going to work together for me. I love Him, and I trust Him, and I adore Him, and He is my God and King.

So I’m asking you, trust. If you need Him, if you don’t feel Him, then trust Him. You’ve gotta trust that aroma. I’m not going to guarantee that you will see God right now if you ask Him into your heart. I’m not going to guarantee that you’ll find Him sitting right there on the hood of your car. I’m not going to say that you will hear His audible voice. You won’t necessarily see some bright light. But you will feel Him in your heart. It will heal. Something inside of you will feel real joy. The joy that is true.

And it all comes from trusting. Trusting our King.

8 thoughts on “Worshipping the Problem Solver, Part 2

  1. Thanks for all you have done for San Francisco, both on the field and off. Keep up the blog. We’ll miss you at the yard. Again, thank you❤️🏆❤️

  2. Well timed post, Jeremy! With your retirement announcement today, I really see the Lord working in your life in a depth that makes me excited to see what the future will hold for you! I know that God is your problem solver and am very thankful that He is!

    Blessings, Jill

    Jill Lee Independent Beauty Consultant, Mary Kay http://Www.marykay.com/jlee16 1-408-857-0653

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  3. Jeremy,

    As sad as I am to see you retire, I think I am more sad to just now find out about your blog! My wife and I were just talking the other day about wishing there were more models of the faith in sports that we can truly trust and look up to – and pray for because it must be so tough. So many point to the sky or even mention God in an interview but the parts we see of their life give a different testimony. You were one of the few who came to mind, but interviews and articles are so sparse I hardly know your story.

    Thanks for sharing some of your year here. More than any other we too have felt the fact that there is no other answer to our needs this year than Jesus.

    Thanks for being a great Giant. Encourage the other guys that though it must be difficult, it means a lot to us fans to see their testimony hold strong!


  4. Some of the most peaceful times I have are when I’m alone and can turn up some praise and worship music and just sing to our Father. You’re right, I don’t remember to do it enough. He deserves our adoration!

  5. He truly is an ever-present help!! Just sitting at His feet and praising Him shifts our focus from our problems to The Problem Solver. Thankful for this reminder today. May God bless you as you journey to the next season of your life. You have been a wonderful representative of MLB!! But more importantly, a great representative of Christ. 🙂

  6. Just discovered your blog from the link in an article about you and it is wonderful. So was your book! I was thinking how great you’d be in youth ministry the other day between your dedication to your faith and your great sense of humor. No doubt God has big plans for you somewhere! We will miss you with the Giants though.

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