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Taking a Stand for Righteousness

The Holy Spirit sees everything, because He is with you all the time. He’s the voice inside of you, that intuition cautioning you when you’re contemplating a poor decision. He looks at you and says, “Man, I know what you’re doing, and here’s why I don’t think you should.”

What if you could get this from the people in your life? What if you could expose some of your sins and some of your issues, and the community would come around you and say, “Man, we’ve got you. And we’re going to walk with you through this. We’re going to give you advice and help. We’re going to give you a plan, because we’ve got some ideas for you. Here’s how you can refrain from making the wrong choice. The path you’re considering is not a good idea, and here’s why.” You could be reminded without being condemned.

That’s what a unified church does!

And I think this is what Jesus is waiting for. He’s waiting for people to mature, and be like-minded.

This is what He prayed for. He prayed that we would be like-minded because that’s the only way. If we’re always against each other, then how are we going to be for each other? God is for you, so He wouldn’t be against you. We need to be just like that. For each other.

In fact, if we’re going to be the community of people that represents God, we have to be for all kinds of righteous things. We have to be for each other. We have to be for a value-driven life. We have to be for forgiveness. We have to be for helping people become nearer to Christ.

This a key issue right now for a church that is not unified. We’re against more things than we’re for! But we can’t be the ones against righteousness! We have to get to a point where we are for all kinds of things. We’ve got to be for human life. We’ve got to be for the heart. We’ve got to be for understanding what it means to live in the grace of God.

Not against. Not against someone’s sin. Not against their theology. Not against their denomination.

We’re getting it backwards here. We’re control freaks by nature, so we’re trying to control people by getting them to believe exactly what we believe. This can’t be us, not any more. This can’t be the focus of the Christian. It’s time to change our focus, and be for each other. Let’s be for others and for understanding who they are in Christ.

More on this next time. See you Monday.

4 thoughts on “Taking a Stand for Righteousness

  1. Great post again! I love reading your post😊 you are so right, we have to be like minded and be Christ like! 🙏🏼 Do you believe we are living in the last days? The end of times? Can u please talk about that in a new post! God bless you and your family 🙏🏼😊

  2. Yes , it is too easy to point out how others are not living the “right” way. Instead of speaking from a chair of judgment. Grab a seat right next to a community member. Find out the road they have traveled. Listen to them talk and the reasons for their belief. Where two or more are gathered The Lord will be there too, helping to offer insight and offering cues on how best you can help your neighbor and uncover truths together. You can learn and grow by investing time with them , just as they will learn and grow through getting to know you because you befriended them and not judged them. Make a goal today of connecting to someone with a different mindset, religion, or neighborhood than you.

  3. Hi Jeremy – Thanks for this great post. Lately I’ve been struggling with the concept of living in grace and loving God for who he is, not always just for what he can do for me. Been a tough journey and very confusing as Jesus isn’t as tangible as my problems and life concerns which can often feel ubiquitous. I’m a born-again of only 4 years ago, so its taking me longer to “get it” I think.

    (I would love to trade email with you. I work for http://www.youcaring.com in SF which helps people raise money for personal causes. We have this idea of partnering with pro athletes who want to use their celebrity to raise money for causes they care about (e.g. Generation Alive). I live in Danville and have already been talking with Lazarex (my office is next to theirs). Anyway, thanks for all you are doing with the blog. – Peter)

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