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Two Roads, Two Rooms

I’ve been with the Truefaced guys for two or three years now. In that time, I’ve learned a lot from them about sin, grace, and freedom. And I’ve written a lot about it here!

John Lynch is one of these guys. He’s a former high school teacher that got saved by his students. He has an interest in the performing arts, so he delivers his messages with Broadway theatricality. You’ll like him! He’s very funny and really passionate. He’s a great storyteller.

His “Two Roads” message is on YouTube, and it’s incredible. I know a guy that calls it “the .44 Magnum for life,” since the video is just about 44 minutes long.

Watch it! You’ll be so refreshed. It will change your life! My life’s already been changed, and still I could listen to this video every day. You’ll say, “I really have permission to see life like this?”

You’ll say, “This is awesome!”

3 thoughts on “Two Roads, Two Rooms

  1. My friends and I just finished going through their book, The Cure. It has revolutionized our faith. I am still a work in progress, as we all are, but it’s so good. You are my favorite Giant and I appreciate you speaking out and being true to who you are.

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