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Called into Freedom

Have you said yes to Jesus? Then you’ve answered your ultimate calling. Now you are a child of God! So live out of who God says you are. Be holy and righteous. And then watch how much more fulfilled you are.

Sometimes we don’t understand how to respond to God’s grace. Sometimes we get into the habit of performing. We do good works and good deeds, and we show the world a cheerful face no matter how scared or helpless we feel inside. We do it hoping that our performance will make us appear good in the eyes of God. But you don’t have to perform. God already said you’re good. He’s already said it!

That’s freedom, man! That’s our freedom! We’re free now because we don’t have to add up. We don’t have to do everything right. We can just be. Every day, we can just be. You can just be a child of the King, who’s in love with you. You can just be a child of the King, who says you’re holy and righteous. You can do absolutely nothing today, and He will still be pleased with you.

Live in that freedom, because that’s grace! Just live in it! Don’t try to save yourself. You can’t replicate grace. Neither can I. I’m not God, so I can’t think like God. (And thank God for that, right? Or we’d all be in trouble!) Just relax and live in your freedom, and rejoice!

God says you’re good! God says you’re holy and righteous! It’s incredible! You mean I can mess up and still be good? I don’t have to worry? I don’t have to carry guilt, or be ashamed of who I am or the mistakes I make? No! I don’t!

And I don’t have to worry about taking this freedom for granted and turning my heart to sin. Holy and righteous people know when they have made mistakes. We know when we’ve done something wrong. The Spirit tells us. “Probably not the best thing you should be doing.” Alright! Good thing I’m forgiven. I can choose not to do it next time, and I don’t have to live in guilt.

Jesus is there saying, “Yeah, alright. I saw what you did. We’re going to have to walk through it now. That’s fine. It’s why I’m here! I would have preferred you made a different choice, sure. It would have been a lot more freeing for us. But you didn’t, so now we walk through it.”

When a holy and righteous child of God makes mistakes, he doesn’t have to earn his way back into God’s grace. You don’t lose out. You’re not rejected from God’s family because He’s not happy with you anymore. You’ll ask Him, ”Are you disappointed in me, God? Are you mad at me?” That’s natural. But He will answer you and He will say, “No, I’m not angry. I’m not disappointed. You’re human. You won’t be perfect until I come back and you no longer live in your flesh. Until that time comes, you are going to sin. And I’m going to be right here with you. I love you!”

Paul, Peter, John, Andrew, and so many other guys were crucified for spreading this message. Why? Because it’s freedom! They went around telling everyone about freedom! They told everyone what Jesus did, and they said, “This is it. You have to know about it! Anybody who tells you something else is trying to control you. They’re trying to keep you from understanding what real freedom is. Grace is real freedom! And what a gift. I can’t believe this just got given to me!”

That’s why we rejoice in God’s grace. It’s freedom!

It’s not freedom to sin. It’s freedom to live! Now we live, not as sinners who are saved, but as saints who sin. From time to time, we will live in unrighteousness. That’s because of flesh. His grace is freedom to live righteously in that knowledge. Amen!

See you Thursday.

One thought on “Called into Freedom

  1. Jeremy, thank you so much for being faithful in writing this blog. God is using you to motivate and inspire many, and I felt compelled today to encourage the encourager.

    We are all at different spots on the path, and while the Lord never leaves us, there are days that just seem too ordinary, too difficult, or too distant from Him.

    God’s strongest message to His children is that He truly loves us unconditionally and He will never let us go. Our mistakes do not invalidate us, much as we think they should. You have a way of writing that clearly illustrates that message.

    You are appreciated! Thank you, and keep on…

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