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Freedom from Fear and Shame

Are you doing good works so that God will smile on you?

How’s that working out for you?

When I meet people motivated by a works mentality and ask them how it’s going, they invariably say, ”Ugh. I’m exhausted.” Yes, you are. The works mentality will exhaust you. It will burn you out. You will never be able to do enough to feel like you’re righteous!

Bottom line: a works mentality doesn’t work.

Don’t weary yourself this way. Jesus died so that we would be made holy and righteous. That was His sacrifice for you!

The Bible says that the power of the cross is meaningless to those who don’t understand. Why did Jesus sacrifice Himself? He did it so that you, in your human flesh, wouldn’t have to make yourself righteous. He did it so you wouldn’t have to perform this impossible task. That was the concept. Jesus earned your way into heaven. He did it for you, because He knew you could never do it for yourself. Jesus, the only man that walked the Earth with perfect thoughts, did it for you.

Now you never have to say, “God, look what I did to receive the Kingdom of Heaven.” You don’t have to say you did anything. You don’t have to work to exhaustion, failing yourself every day, being ashamed of who you are.

When you can come to grips with that, you are transformed. Man, Jesus! You did that! You did that to eliminate sin from our lives! I don’t have to be afraid of God! And then you rose again, three days later, and conquered death, so now I don’t have to fear that either!

You brought me into the Kingdom, to dine with the King. Every day there is a wedding feast because of all the new people coming in, and I get to go. Every day. I’m allowed at the banquet table no matter what I’ve done, because I am holy and righteous. The blood of Jesus has been poured over me, and because of my acceptance, God doesn’t see my sins. He doesn’t see my sins! That’s freedom!

He broke your bonds of sin and shame, fear and failure. Now you are welcomed and loved for who you are: His beloved and precious child.

That’s freedom.

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