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Kingdom Freedom

So many people are taught that if you have grace, you’re going to sin more.

Even the people in ancient Rome were saying that grace gives Christians permission to sin. They were saying that Christians can do whatever they want to do, because grace frees them from any consequences. So when Paul wrote to the Romans, he talked about this. He said no, that’s not the case. In fact, it’s the exact opposite! Since Christians have God’s grace, they are holy and righteous. And if you understand that, if you understand who you are, then you won’t sin because you won’t want to. Not out of fear of being punished! You just literally won’t want to do it.

I am a new creature, man! I don’t want to sin! Sin contradicts my fundamental sense of who I am. This is what the people of the Kingdom of God are like!

Why are we like that? Look at Jesus. Jesus said, I do everything I see my Father do. I love my enemies. I see the woman accused of adultery and I love on her. I don’t judge her.

The people of the Kingdom of God want to do the things we see Jesus do. Not because we have to! We want to be like Jesus because we understand how good it is to be holy and righteous. We still sin, yes. We have flesh and it’s unavoidable. When it happens, He helps us deal with it. Sin is not who we are.

Now if you understand who you are, fear will go away. Holy and righteous people don’t fear punishment, because they don’t get punished. That’s not who God is. In the Kingdom, there is no punishment. That’s out. The cross is that powerful. I don’t care what you do, there’s no punishment.

There will be some earthly consequences for sin. Suppose you commit adultery. There will be consequences. But that does not mean God loves you less. It doesn’t! In fact, He’s probably going to grab you even closer, because He knows the turmoil you’ll suffer because of what you did. He knows the turmoil your family will suffer because of what you did. He knows, and He’s not going to run from you. He’ll say, “Oh, man, I’m not letting you go on this one. This is going to be a long walk. You’re going to need me, now more than ever.” That’s what He would do, not punish you.

What makes you think God judges you? Jesus did everything that He saw His Father do, no matter what. Think about the woman at the well. He went out of His way to sit with her. He knew that she was going to come to that well and He went to call her out. Not to condemn her. To free her. Because that’s what the Father does. 

Think about you, a child of His. He sees your crap. And He says, “I’m not here to condemn you. I’m here to free you. Come to the wedding feast. You don’t have to find the table. The table is here. Wherever you’re at, I’ll bring it to you and you will dine with me. We’re going to have fun! We’re going to love on each other and live our life in freedom. We’re going to learn that grace is being holy and righteous. Grace is allowing you to be you.”

That’s what God says, not, “You know what? I think you need to be someone else.” No! God made you, and you have His image.

Jesus frees us. He frees us from our wounds and our fears. Your freedom is being you. God made you already. He sees you already. And He’s not ashamed of you. Even in your crap He’s not ashamed of you. He just walks with you through it. “Yeah,” he says. “I’m here with you.”

The Good News is very, very good!

See you Monday.

One thought on “Kingdom Freedom

  1. Feeling blessed. You really hit the nail on the head! You are so right, i don’t take grace as a freepass to sin, it makes me not want to! Thanks so much for explaining in such a way! !!! =)

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