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Room of Grace

Last time I told you a story. I read it in a book The Cure by Truefaced. It’s a story about a fork in the road, one we’re all going to reach at some point in our lives. One way goes to the room of good intentions. A lot of us take that path because we want to show God how worthy we are. It seems like a good choice, until you have spent some time there. Turns out it’s an exhausting place!

The cureOnce you’re all worn out, you decide to go the other way, to the room of grace. Much to your surprise, you’re warmly welcomed in the room of grace. There’s a huge party going on. There’s laughter and conversation. And people are not fake laughing, either. They’re really enjoying each other’s company. You might not be used to this, and you might not think you can fit in. You haven’t been having very much fun yourself, trying to make yourself worthy of God’s love. You might even feel afraid, and try to leave.

But you are welcome. This is exactly where you belong. And someone’s going to yell at you from across the room, saying, “Where do you think you’re going?” When you say, “I don’t think I belong here,” that voice will tell you, “None of us belong here. That’s why we’re here!”

What? You’re here because you don’t belong? “Yes!” the voice says. “None of us belong here, man. That’s why it’s such a great place to be. We all have our issues. We’ve all made mistakes. And we’re welcome!”

What a concept! Think about it. Think about your burdens, your issues, your wounds, your garbage, and all the crap that you think you have to hide. You’re welcome in the room of grace because of all of that! And so you stay.

When you checked into the room of good intentions and found your own room, what was in it? A bed piled high with all your sin and shame. Jesus was way over on the other side, and you worked yourself to exhaustion and despair trying to get to Him. Here in the room of grace, when you find your own room, there’s your bed, again piled high with all your sin and shame. But this time it’s different. This time, Jesus isn’t way over on the other side. This time, Jesus is standing right next to you.

And Jesus says, “Whew! That’s a lot of mistakes, man! That’s a lot of sin!” And then He says, “But you know what? I’m going to walk with you, all the way through it. I’m never going to leave your side. We’ll deal with all of that together, I promise. But not right now. Right now, why don’t we just enjoy each other for awhile?”

And so He sits there with you. You and Jesus just sit there, together. And He says, “I love you. And we’ll get through it.”

And you know it’s true.

I really encourage you to read the book. Truefaced takes you through so many scenarios to help you understand grace. Once you understand grace, you’ll understand who you are. You’ll understand that you are holy and righteous. And when you live out of that, you will find freedom.

Next time I’ll tell you a bit about freedom. See you Monday.

3 thoughts on “Room of Grace

  1. In my imagination, when i get to that bed all piled up with sin, Jesus says “i already took care of those by dying on the cross for you ” and ‘poof’ they disappear! I have a hard time letting go of guilt over sins that i have rePented from and know i have been forgiven. Thanks for the insight. Yet another great blog!

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