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Sons and Daughters of the King

Kingdom theology can be hard to grasp, because we’re not very familiar with the concept of kingdom. We don’t live in one, unlike the people of the Bible. The Kingdom of Israel went through a lot of changes from the time of its first king (Saul) until the death of its last one (Agrippa II), but despite those changes it was still a kingdom. So when Jesus talked about the kingdom of God, everybody understood exactly what He meant.

Think about how a kingdom worked for the king’s children. If you were a prince or a princess, then you were part of the king’s family. That was your identity. If someone asked, “Who are you,” your answer would be, “I’m so-and-so, son or daughter of the king!” That identity carried some weight! When you went out, it was with the king’s name. You were his blood. He had a plan for you, and a purpose, and that was to represent him, his family, and his name. You would go out to do your father’s work, and you’d say, “I’m a child of the king.” That made you important!

It was an identity that came with other perks, too. If you were one of the king’s children, you were protected. Not only did you have the king’s name and access to his property, you had protection. Literal protection! You had guards, and those guards were warriors. They went everywhere with you, and kept you safe from any evil that might threaten you. Evildoers would see you and say, “Oh, that’s the princess. I don’t care how evil I am, I’m not touching her. I don’t want to get killed!”

So think about what people heard when Jesus invited them into the kingdom of God. They fully understood the implications. And they said, “I’m in! I don’t want to be a peasant anymore. I want to be royalty! I want to be covered by the protection of the king!”

The cool thing about God’s kingdom is that we can get adopted into it. You can’t get adopted into a man-made kingdom. The only way to be royalty in a man-made kingdom is to be born into the royal family. But God says, “I’m going to adopt you into my kingdom.” You can be adopted! Everybody’s in on this gig now. Everybody.

When you get adopted into the kingdom of heaven, you become a child of the Most High God. That is your new identity. When you accept Christ as your savior, your old identity passes away and God brings you into His kingdom as His very own child. “You have become anew,” He says. “You are now my child.” You’re part of His family. You have His name. You are His blood. He has a plan and a purpose for you, and you represent Him. You go out and you do His work.

And you are protected. God’s children are holy and righteous. That can’t change. No matter what you do, you are holy and righteous.

I can hear you asking, “Well, what if I sin?” Well, what if you do? There will be consequences to the decisions you make, same as with your own children. But you don’t go back to your old identity. You are holy and righteous. That identity does not change. The blood of Jesus has covered you and as far as the east is from the west, so far has He removed our transgressions from us. In His kingdom, you are holy and righteous.

See you Thursday.

2 thoughts on “Sons and Daughters of the King

  1. Great post 😊👊🏼 thank you for sharing your blogs with everyone! The kingdom is hard to understand cuz like you said we don’t live in one but the kingdom is in heaven and God has a beautiful plan for each of us!


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