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Let’s Do Something!

Last time I wrote about being a man after God’s own heart. I want my works to represent Him. I want to love on people, and bring them joy. I want to bring justice where there is hunger, enslavement, sickness, loneliness, and fear. I strive to do these things, and I repent when I mess up.

I also want to help everyone see that we can make a huge difference when our works represent Him. We can bring justice to the suffering by loving them as we love ourselves. We can smile on them with the smile of Jesus. We can let them feel the warmth and love that He shows us. We can do that.

But sometimes it’s hard to get people moving. I speak about human trafficking or various hunger scenarios, and people get so enthusiastic! They say, “Hey man, preach it, Brother!” And I say, “Yeah! So tell me, what are you going to do?” And they say, “Oh, you know, I’ll pray for them.”

Pray for them? They’re starving to death! What is there to pray about? This is scripture! Jesus says to love your neighbor as yourself. Love your neighbor. So I don’t want us to just pray about it. I want us to help do it.

I know I’m being impatient. It’s just that I know how we go to church, preach and pray, and talk about how we need to help. But then we can go home and have a family, and we can go home and sit on our couches and watch TV, and we can go home and watch our kids play in the backyard.

I know people that can’t even meet in a church building without fear of being put into prison. I know people that can be walking home from a church gathering fearing that militiamen will come by and swipe them up — or shoot them. They’re so worried about getting trafficked. They’re so worried about guys like Joseph Kony kidnapping them and making them shoot people. They’re so worried about drinking water that is making them sick. And they’re wondering, “Am I going to have to eat dirt today, or is someone going to be awesome enough to make sure I have a bowl of rice?”

We can go home and enjoy our families and our lives, and they are the blessings of God. I don’t take them for granted. We are His beloved children. But people living in fear or coping with disease and food insecurity are God’s beloved children too. They are made in His image, and they have worries we can’t imagine. How are they supposed to use their giftings? How are they supposed to reflect God?

Understanding the suffering of God’s beloved children is the source of my greatest pain. It frustrates me that they suffer while we relax and talk about how blessed we are. It grieves me.

I know that if I walk into a church and talk with this kind of zeal, I might not get the response that I hope to get. They might try to push me to the edge of the cliff. Maybe they’ll even try to make me walk off of it! (Luke 24:28-30)

So how do I get people moving?

4 thoughts on “Let’s Do Something!

  1. I have faced the same issues in regards to the church and the orphan crisis. When you figure out the answer, let me know. 🙂

  2. Hey great post! I like what you said that we have to love each other and help others… I’m glad you love to help and share God’s message with others… 😊

  3. Jeremy,

    The Father’s heart’s desire for His kids is flooding the gates of peoples hearts and minds, all over this place. Your efforts are not going unnoticed. Do not grow weary in doing good. Keep doing as He is asking and leading and trust Him for the results. The question for us (your readers) is not how can you get me moving, but how is God moving through me and what is He moving me to do?

    Today, because of your writing, I am fervently seeking his face on this VERY ISSUE – on behalf of His lost, hungry, frightened and vulnerable children, what do you want my hands to touch Oh God? With all the resources you have and will provide where do you want I should blaze a trail and with whom do You desire I should join?

    Love – the greatest – loving thy neighbor – yes and amen!

    Today, Jeremy, starting within my zip code (within my reach), seeking those who are hungry, frightened, abused, and in need of what God wants to give them through me and through those in my area of influence.

    God is moving us one by one – the harvest is ready the workers are few but Trust in His great ability and desire to multiply.

    Jennifer Ellis Lakeway TX


  4. I know one way is to continue to introduce others to the concept of giving back. Most people think “it will never happen to me, or it is not MY problem.”
    But it is YOUR problem, and I learned that more and more over the past year. My son’s 10 yr old friend was diagnosed with bone cancer and was given 2 months to live. My son asked what we could do to help, I responded with a 3 week trek to organize a benefit for him. My son had seen me organize benefits for others in the past and I thought of no better way than to hold a benefit for his friend. 3 weeks of planning, along with numerous cold calls for help….$16,000 raised in one evening. Not only did I show my son how we could help others, but every time I have planned an event the volunteers I round up almost always go on to help others in the future. You see things can happen to you when you least expect it, and as I go out and coach little league baseball each year, I look amongst the 11 boys I coach and realize that life is unpredictable and it could have been any of my boys. Teach them young…..the importance of helping others 🙂
    Kristy (Boise, Id)

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