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Justice Beyond Anger

The Bible says there will be a day of judgment. That time will come. But right now, we just need to make things right. We need to represent the God who loves us by fixing what’s wrong. We need to reflect Him by bringing justice to those who suffer. And we need to do it with love, because that’s how He does it.

We don’t preside over Judgment Day. We don’t have the right to condemn. We don’t have the right to say to someone, “You’re going to go to hell for the rest of your life.” We don’t have the right, and we don’t have the ability. God is the only judge.

We do have the right to say, “You know what? I just want to love on you. I hope you will accept Jesus. I want to share with you what He’s done for me. And I’m going to represent Him. When you see me, I’m going to represent Him. When you have any questions, I’m going to represent Him. And when I can help out, whether it’s ending human trafficking, hunger, a water crisis, or poverty, I’m going to do it. Because that’s what it means to represent Him.”

But how am I going to do it? How am I going to help? Is there ever a place for righteous anger in the pursuit of social justice? I think you have to discern your answer. I think you have to use wisdom.

justice beyond anger

If people are suffering a water crisis, I don’t have to get angry. There’s really no place in a water crisis for righteous anger. What am I going to do, judge the Earth? Condemn the planet for not producing enough water? Obviously not! I just have to help find water.

Nor would I need anger to sit in a room with convicted traffickers. A convicted trafficker has already been judged and sentenced. If I’m going to sit with them, I’m going to explain why they have been judged that way, and I’m going to love on them. I really am. I’m going to love and encourage them, and help them repent and be forgiven. I’m going to help them to a new life, a life in Christ where no one is for sale.

But if I came across people actively engaged in the practice of trafficking, I don’t think I would love on them. If I see someone trafficking a human being, you might see me flip some tables. That might be the time for some righteous anger. Is that the right way to respond? I don’t know. It would be a good time to ask for wisdom. Would an angry reaction be a reflection of Jesus, or would it straight up be a situation in which my flesh blazes with anger? I have to trust God to guide me in those times.

But I don’t worry about it. I don’t hesitate to do what I think is right. I rely on God’s wisdom, along with my knowledge of who Jesus is. Wisdom and knowledge tell me to love my neighbor as myself and pray for my enemies. That’s what my first reaction has to be. And then I go from there. I have faith that I’ll know the right thing to do. And I’ll be confident that it comes from God, when the solution I use brings peace to me and to the world.

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