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Pitching For a Purpose

The Christian Broadcasting Network did a 6-minute feature on my story in baseball. You’ll see why I pitch for a purpose:


Baseball fans are awesome! Thank you Giants and Royals fans for supporting your team and making this truly a series to remember. We’re playing ball at Kauffman Stadium tomorrow night!

See you Thursday.

5 thoughts on “Pitching For a Purpose

  1. I showed this piece to my youth group as we were beginning our Bible study on To Stir A Movement. My kids don’t know much about the Giants since we live in Louisiana, so it was nice for them to get to “know” you a little before starting the book study. Thanks for everything you do to restore justice and speak for the voiceless.

  2. My husband is career military and we have three kids. They will be teenagers when we get out, and one of my biggest fears is that they will be how you were in high school: angry, manifesting problems toward authority, etc. As a military wife of a decade I have seen that so much in the base kids. Any advice on how to avoid that in my own children?

  3. Jeremy. I love your blog. Love your book. Love your testimony. And now I just watched you be a World Series hero AGAIN! Every time you’re on the big stage, I get to tell people watching with me about the fight against human slavery you introduced me to when coming to SF. Thank you for glorifying God with your work on and off the mound! And thank you for another World Series Championship!!!

  4. I am so happy for you and for all of the Giants! My family and I have loved watching you guys for years, and the past 5 have been over the top. I respect and admire your passion and courage to share your faith with the world, and to use your God-given talet to spread a message of love. Go Giants!

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