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Winning the Battle

Christians know the battles that go on inside men’s souls. We’ve been through it too. So we shouldn’t go around blasting people, telling them that they’re wrong or calling them idiots. We shouldn’t accuse them or say, “You’re a terrible person.” Jesus didn’t even do that when Peter betrayed him. Peter denied even knowing Jesus, and yet Jesus never showed any anger. We need to reach out to people in love.

Here’s what we can say: “Man, I know the battle that’s going on inside your soul. I’ve had it myself. And the only person who can make it right is Jesus. I’m here to tell you that Jesus loves you. He can handle the situation you’re in right now. He can handle the battle over right and wrong, over what is good and what is evil. I just want to love you and share with you, and show you who Jesus is.”

This is very hard to do. I’m not saying it’s easy. And we will mess up, because we have flesh. While flesh is on our bones, sin is there. It is going to be there. It’s always going to be there. We’re always going to sin. It will happen.

But I believe Jesus knew that. I believe God knows that. And that’s why Jesus died, so that now when God looks at us, He sees perfect people. And even though I sin, I have the blood of Jesus on me. Immediately I’m wiped clean.

It might seem that sin is free because we’re forgiven. But that doesn’t mean we’ll live as if we have fire insurance. We won’t just do whatever we want. We won’t decide to live in sin just because we’re covered by the blood of Jesus and God thinks we’re perfect. You see, when we’re saved, our identities change completely. We become saints. In our new identity, we don’t want to sin. We want to live in grace. We want to live righteously and justly, because that’s who we are. That’s who we have become. We live by the Spirit, not by the flesh. We avoid the sins of the flesh simply because we want to. We want to enjoy the fruits of the Spirit, which are love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, and self-control. Who doesn’t want to enjoy all of that? That’s how we want to live.

And that’s justice. THAT’s justice, living out of those things. When you find someone that doesn’t live in those things, and you share the love of Jesus in such a way that they will want to live in those things, then that too is justice. That is taking something that is wrong, and making it right. We need to take that approach more often.

See you Thursday.

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