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The Foundation of His Throne

Righteousness and justice are the foundation of Your throne;
Mercy and truth go before Your face. Psalm 89:14

The Psalm says that at the foundation of God’s throne, we find righteousness and justice. They go hand in hand. A package deal! That means righteous people will do justice. But what is justice? Matthew 25 is justice. Caring for the hungry, thirsty, homeless, sick, lonely, and enslaved is justice, and these actions are done by those who are righteous and holy. They understand their identity in Christ. They see injustice and they say, “I so desperately want those who are suffering to understand love.” They know that where there’s injustice, there is no love.

So doing justice helps you understand love. Doing justice means you find out how amazing love feels. When you do something to help someone who suffers, you’ve expressed your deepest ability to say, “I love you.” You’ve found your deepest way to share your love. All that joy and peace and patience and kindness and goodness and self-control – all those fruits of the Spirit – suddenly come into play. That’s when you know you’re holy and righteous. You know who you are, and you start living out of that identity.


When you don’t live out of that identity, when you take on a flesh identity, that’s when you don’t have self-control. And when you don’t have self-control, you feel like everything’s out of control and you’re lost. Or you try to control others.

That happens when you don’t trust God. You trust in God, but you don’t trust God. And scary to say, a lot of people don’t trust God. A lot of Christians don’t trust God. Think about the cares of this world! There is so much pain and suffering! It’s easy to not trust God. It’s easy to want to take control. We say, “I’m going to take control here, because I know what I want to do to feel better and be safe.”

But justice and righteousness surround His throne. Our God is a righteous God, and He doesn’t just live righteously. He takes what’s wrong and makes it right. That’s justice. When it comes to understanding God and how He moves and sees, we need to look to that. It’s how Jesus moves. It’s how the Spirit moves. The Trinity is on the same page, and the wisdom that we receive flows from righteousness and justice. Not righteousness and judgment. Not condemnation for those that don’t live in righteousness. Just taking what’s wrong, and making it right.

At times, the church has gone astray. We’ve done it out of fear. Fearful, we want to control people, using guilt and shame to do it. Then we start to judge and condemn. Instead, let’s trust God with the people we’re trying to talk to. We’re here to love, and create justice through love. That’s how we’ll live out our righteousness.

See you Monday.

4 thoughts on “The Foundation of His Throne

  1. While you are certainly entitled to your opinion (and a little too much proselytizing IMHO), your career is one that is public, as is this blog.

    Actually, I just had a change of heart in this moment… I must be straightforward and let you know that, as a Giants’ fan, I find your efforts and successes to be sorely lacking. While it’s true that you have experienced many successes with the Giants organization, I am honestly discouraged each time that you are brought into a game. I think that it starts with your demeanor and is quickly followed by your performance, which, in my viewing experience, usually disappoints. August 24, 2014 was the latest example. The Giants’ chances for a post-season appearance this year are unfortunately and directly related to your performance. I do not doubt your intentions.

    I am not confident in your and the Giants’ chances of playoff success this year. It is my opinion that the Giants will more than likely be better off without you as a team member. As I type this, I can hear the bitter tone in my words and I realize that, although you might not ever read this, those who do will more than likely disagree with my comments. I also realize that you are subjected to public scrutiny on a daily basis and I am but an amateur in scrutinizing. I guess that we all learn our life lessons as they come along. We do all share the human condition, to be sure, but seriously, frozen hamburger patties?



    • Thanks shane. Thanks for your encouragement I hope you are blessed and do well in your career as im sure failure has never happened to you. If it has all the best in your endeavors. Sorry I don’t live Up to your expectations. And thanks for commenting on the 90 percent of the other games I’ve been in and had success.

  2. Shane, you’re wrong, of course, but that’s beside the point. One of the four zillion reasons I love baseball is that it breeds an amateurish expertise that every fan can indulge in — and it’s fun! Since the game’s beginnings, we’ve been there in the stands, second-guessing the umpires, managers, coaches, and players, and it’s an absolute blast.

    I wish the games didn’t all mean so much. It would be so cool if we could compete for “manager-of-the-day” opportunities. I’ve long wanted to take Bruce Bochy’s place, just for one day, just to see how I’d do managing the insane complexity that is a NL baseball game. I’m sure any manager in baseball would beat me, but what fun it would be to find out just how experienced and intelligent and savvy I would have to be, just to get through nine innings!

    Every pitcher on the Giants roster, starter, reliever, closer, has had his issues this season. And when the team doesn’t get on base, the stress on the pitchers is enormous. The team gets it, and they have each other’s backs. Sometimes they are brilliant, sometimes bad things happen, and every day they work hard and they bring it. They’ve slipped, but they aren’t out of it. And September is a long month, for every team.

    Best wishes,

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