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Anger Is Weak

Do not judge, Christians are told, and we really don’t need to if we want to do justice. Doing justice is seeing something that is not right and making it right. How do we do that? Not through judgments, not through slander, not through yelling and arguing. Some people think they can do the hell fire and brimstone thing, telling people that they’re going to hell. Some people even decide to start protests.

I don’t think that’s how we should go about doing justice. I think we need to do it the right way, the way God does it. We need to make things right through love. We need to make things right through truth. I think that is what Jesus is trying to say. Not only do you need to share the Gospel with people, but you need to share truth with people in every way, with love. I think that is absolutely what Jesus stood for. I think that’s why He came into play.

I don’t think you’re going to bring anybody to understanding who Jesus is through a heated debate. I know, because I used to get pretty heated on certain topics and certain issues. There were times that someone would come at me and I would get really frustrated and angry. Then we would get into a heated debate. I’ve come to understand that getting heated is a reaction of my zeal.

reason-for-God-Tim-KellerThere are people out there that do it the right way. Timothy Keller is one of the best I’ve ever seen at it.  I’ve seen some of the most intelligent people in this country try to challenge him on his faith. You don’t see him react in frustration. He doesn’t get angry. He simply shares the truth in love, and he does a really good job.  People like hearing him debate because he does it in the right way, plus he’s very smart and he’s very intelligent. He tries to bring justice, but he does it righteously. I think that is the key to why people like Timothy Keller and others like him, whether they believe in Jesus or not. They like him because he’s willing to explain his beliefs without getting angry.

Angry people are weak. I know that when I’ve reacted in anger, it’s because I’m at a weak point. The anger could be over a challenge to my beliefs, or it could be about a small thing from my daily life. Whether I’m angry with a stranger who is challenging me on my faith, or with my wife or my kids, I’m at a weak point. I’m not mentally strong enough to handle things in a calm manner. It’s not right. You have to remember the fruits of the Spirit, and one of those is self-control. Self-controlled people are strong people. They’re strong in their minds.

Jesus shows us everything we need to know about this. I’ll tell you about it next time. See you Thursday.


5 thoughts on “Anger Is Weak

  1. Hi! I agree with what you are saying! Thank you for sharing with everyone! We should not get mad and judge others but we do, we has humans need to sit back and think before we act….

  2. I met you at Cracker Barrel restaurant at spring training in 2013 I knew you were a Christian that’s why I traded my lincecum jersey for an affeldt one!! Keep the word going I know there are a lot of us out there !! God bless you and your family prayers from my family to yours🍗⚾️⚾️⚾️

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