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Justice is Served

Christians can get judgmental. I know that’s a mistake I’ve made. We’re flawed in that area because we have flesh, and sometimes we live in our flesh. We think we can create justice by confronting someone and making sure they know they’re wrong. But in reality, this kind of behavior doesn’t make things right. I introduced this last time. We think we’re doing justice by making judgment calls, but we’re not. I think we do better when we think of justice as making things right.

Righteousness and justice are at the right and left of God’s throne. This means that God does justice, and He does it righteously. So when He makes things right, He does it the right way. He makes things right by doing right.

Christians, in our good intentions to make things right, can really get it wrong. Instead of loving our neighbors and praying for our enemies, we tell our neighbors and our enemies why they’re wrong. We even warn them that if they don’t accept it, they’re going to be miserable and rot in hell.

I don’t agree with that approach. That is not how Jesus went about doing justice. Jesus walked the earth, and wherever He went, He saw injustice. He said, “I have not come to break the law. I’ve come to fulfill the law.” So Jesus saw holes in the pharisaical law. He saw a lot of holes in the ways that people were using the law. And what did He do when He saw injustice? He went and made it right. When people were hungry, He fed them, and when they were sick, He healed them. When they were lost, He found them, and when they were grieving, He consoled them.

it is finished

And eventually He died, to make things right between God and humanity. When Jesus hung on that cross, he said, “It is finished.” In place of the guilty, He served the sentence, and then like a judge, He banged the gavel and said, “Justice is served.” He said, “It’s over.”

We were separated from God because of sin, and through His sacrifice, Jesus made it right. So justice was served. His last words were, “It is finished.” He meant, “This is it, I’ve done it. I’ve made things right. I’ve created justice in the world.”

Now that does not mean that there is no injustice. Injustice still takes place, and it’s because of our sin. But there was One that came down and gave us a way to follow Him so that we would know how to create justice ourselves. More on that next time.

See you Thursday.

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