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Drinking Wine Like Jesus

A lot of Christian homes reach the point where they teach that drinking alcohol in any amount is a sin. I understand why this happens. Christian families are afraid for their children. They want to control them, to keep them safe. So they start teaching that it is a sin to drink alcohol.

I think that’s wrong. And I think that’s why you see kids rebel. Here’s my idea. You want to see kids quit drinking? Why don’t you just tell them that it’s okay to drink? It’s just not okay at sixteen. I guarantee they’ll stop then, because they don’t want to rebel against something that’s okay. They’ll say, “Oh, we can’t rebel against that.” Yeah! That’s right, you can’t.

The First MiracleI don’t believe in the whole fear factor. I don’t believe in the notion that we should spiritualize drinking and guilt kids through Christ. And I think the churches that counsel that way are wrong.

It is not a sin to drink. Nowhere can you see that or find that in scripture.

People forget this. They make all these rules saying drinking is a sin, so then they don’t want to listen to the first miracle. We forget. Jesus turned water into wine. And it wasn’t just an okay wine. It was the best wine you can have. I’m guessing the alcohol rate in that was probably not nil.

Then you get into the arguments. “Oh,” people say, “back then there was non-alcoholic wine.” No, I’m pretty sure they didn’t have the ability back then to make non-alcoholic beverages. I don’t think there was a filtering system. They sat in a winery and stomped on berries. That’s what they did! There wasn’t a filter on the alcohol. It was fermented.

“Oh,” people say, “but Jesus didn’t drink.” Yeah, He did. In fact, Jesus was called a drunk and a glutton! When He hung out with people, He drank their wine. And so people started judging Him. They said, “Oh, Jesus is at their house drinking. He must be a drunk, because he hangs out with people a lot, and he always drinks their wine.”

Jesus drank wine. And there’s nothing wrong with it.

Obviously if there’s a pastor out there just slurring like crazy, and rambling, and falling over, you know what? His church will take some flak for that. James says the teachers of the Word of God are going to be held to a higher standard.

But the standard by which God’s pastors will be judged is not, “Did he drink alcohol?” Jesus is the highest standard there is! He’s the King of Kings! He is God in human flesh! And He had wine.

Drinking isn’t a sin, but drunkenness is. Next time I’ll tell you why. See you Thursday.

3 thoughts on “Drinking Wine Like Jesus

  1. Well, I look forward to hearing the rest of these thoughts. I gather I shall hold my tongue so to read the rest of the story. I can see were you are heading, and your references to “drink,” but Jesus as a drinker of fermented wine, not with ya. The word wine in context to scripture is, and has been interpreted vastly. Yes, I do feel there is a way in which not to be deceived, but deception is reality when placing personal convictions. The real underlined issue of this topic is not necessarily the drinking, but perhaps placing the authority of the Word as the real authority of life, and how walking our testimony of the Lord rightly among an already fallen world, that was caused by our sin, and not Christ. Man kind does not know how to place limits on self, as placing this authority back on our own abilities is the frightening concept. We are yet sinners. Again, I do see your point, and think when we are the salt to the world we can understand why Christians will continue to find reasons to place worldly ideals as truth against the authority of Christ. I pray you can answer to the reality of a functional drunk? Can his abilities be considered safe? God describes the drunk, but what of the functional drunk? Who is more likely to be a better witness for Christ, and go out to the world planting the seed of the gospel to the lost?

    Through Him

  2. Thanks Jeremy! A sane and logical point of view that can be shared easily with others. Being called a “non-believer” because I enjoy a beer or glass of wine occasionally is frustrating. Yes, we have the first documented miracle to show 😉

  3. An old friend of mine told me a story that I think fits here. He was out to dinner with a group of his buddies. He was the only Christian man in the group, so when the waitress took their drink order, they all watched him to see what he’d get. He ordered a beer, and they all were surprised and commented that they didn’t think he drank at all. His answer has stuck with me for many years. He told them as long as he didn’t let alcohol control him, it was ok. Jesus was his Lord and he didn’t let anything get in the way of that, so he didn’t get drunk or buzzed.

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