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Messed up and forgiven!

We trust God. We trust that God sends Jesus to save us. That’s what Christians do. It’s part of the gig, right?

But do we trust God in all things? Most of us would say yes, we do. But do we, really? All the time? God says that we are holy and righteous, but do we truly trust that? When we mess up, what do we do? We crawl into a little hole in shame. When we come out, we try to double up on righteousness to make sure we cover for our failure. And then we feel like we fail doing that. It’s a cycle of failure!

We get caught in a cycle of failure, and then we don’t feel like God is close by. So then we try even harder to make ourselves righteous. “I’m not fasting enough.” “I’m not praying enough.” Or we go to church and someone asks us, “How often do you do your Bible study? Did you read your Bible this morning? Did you get into the Word of God? Is your intimacy with Him there?”

image found at saintedwardparish.org

image found at saintedwardparish.org

Intimacy with Christ will increase your ability to feel close to God. I have no doubt about that. Meditating on the Word of God is huge. But meditating on the Word of God will not make you more righteous and holy. It does not matter how much you do it. Only the sacrifice of Christ can make you righteous and holy.

It’s really hard for us to wrap our minds around the idea that Christ earned our holiness and righteousness, and that it’s free to us, no performance necessary. It’s hard to grasp, because everything else we do is performance-based. Jobs, games, sports, it’s all performance-based. It makes it hard to trust God when He says that we are holy and righteous. We want to perform so that our actions will prove it to Him. But God has told us who we are. We are new creatures in Christ Jesus. God says, “I made you new. You are now holy and righteous. That’s who you are.”

No longer do we have to say, “I messed up today. I’m a terrible person.” No. Now we say, “I messed up today. I did! But I have God and He has already forgiven me. He loves me and smiles on me, His prodigal son.”

God is the dad running across a field when He sees you, knowing that you messed up. God knows that you messed up and yet He still lays at your feet, puts a ring on your finger, puts a robe on your body, and says, “Let’s feast! You’ve come back! Awesome!”

That’s God! That’s Jesus. Trust Him. You are righteous and holy.

See you Thursday.

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