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How Trust Releases Us From Shame

When you live in shame, you live in darkness. And the Bible says no to darkness. It says no to shame. We don’t live in darkness, we live in the light. And in the light, there’s trust.

But think about this: a lot of people in the church, a lot of Christians, feel these good intentions. They think, “Man, I can’t tell anybody that I am suffering with sin. I can’t tell anybody that I’m a drunk.” Or, “I can’t tell anybody that I have a sex addiction.” Or, “I can’t tell anybody that I verbally abuse my family.”

Jesus, light of the world

Jesus, Light of the World, 1854 William Holman Hunt

Basically they feel that they can’t tell anybody that they’ve got a demon in their closet. They feel so ashamed, and they fear the shame they will feel if they tell someone. They live in shame because they fear the shame of coming out!

This kills people. It kills them. And it happens because there are not enough people that we can actually trust with our shame and our fear.

If you live in the darkness and sit in that shame, sin will continue to grab you and continue to crush you. It could be in any area that causes you shame. As you continue to live in your shame, you continue in darkness. Jesus says, “No, no, no, no. Trust me when I say this. If you live in darkness, you live where sin and shame abound. You don’t want to be there. You cannot please me unless you trust me. And I’m inviting you to live in the light where grace and trust abound.”

We have Jesus! Jesus is the light, and the light exposes everything. The light frees us from shame, because sin can’t live in the light. Shame says, “Man, I’m addicted to pornography.” But then the light shines in and instead you say, “I’m addicted to pornography, and I need help, because I don’t want to live this addiction anymore.”

Obviously people are afraid to say anything like that, because they fear the judgment of other Christians. What if you could ask for help and have twenty people look at you and say, “Let’s go. We’re going to help you out.”

That would free you! Then you wouldn’t have to hide your shame. You wouldn’t live in guilt and darkness. You would be free, because the people that you turned to and opened up to helped you. They looked at you and said, “We trust you as a human being, and you trust us to ask for help. You know what we’re going to do? We’re going to love on you. We’re going to help you with this. You are not alone! Do you think you’re the only guy in the whole universe that has an issue? There are so many guys in the same shoes. Sex, porn, alcohol, drugs, whatever, these are billion dollar industries! You don’t have to be ashamed! Let’s shine the light on it. Sin can’t live in the light!”

There is so much we can do to help each other. More on this next time. See you Thursday.

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