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Hanging in the Room of Grace

When you can trust people with your real, true self, and trust God to love you just as you are, then you can live in the room of grace. And to be perfectly honest with you, everybody in that room has issues. Everybody! In that room of grace, you’re going to come across all kinds of people who aren’t always having a blessed and wonderful day. You might ask them how they’re doing, and they won’t say, “Great!” In fact, you might be very surprised by what they say.

And that is a very freeing thing! Think about it. Someone could come up to you and say, “How are you doing?” And you could say, “You know what? Lousy.” If you were to say that because it happens to be true, and then that person says, “Yeah, I’ve been there,” how good would you feel? I think you’d say, “I like this person.”

But what if they judge you? What if they say, “You feel lousy? Have you been reading your Bible lately? How often have you been praying?” You would feel sorry! You would feel guilty. You would feel condemned. You would feel frustrated. I know, I’ve been there! You might decide to read the whole Book of Proverbs to make yourself feel better. And you know what? In the end, you don’t feel any better. You still have a bad day. It’s just what it is, sometimes.


God looks down on you and He says, “Yeah, you’re having a rough day. And you know what? I love you. And I’m right here with you. And I’ve walked through your bad day with you. Just take joy in the understanding that I love you, and I care about you, and you walk in that same Spirit that I let Jesus walk in.”

You know what? There are going to be bad days. Jesus got pushed to the edge of a cliff! I mean, people were trying to kill Him! He had to escape out the back of a city because there were people trying to hunt Him down and murder Him. It wasn’t like He was hunky dory every day. Paul was in prison! The apostles went through all kinds of things. It wasn’t like they were always having a great day!

Most of the time, we do feel blessed. Most of the time, we do feel loved. But there will be days when we don’t feel blessed and we don’t feel loved. Some days just stink. You know? Some days, we feel judged. Sometimes, you put yourself out there for somebody and they mock you, or they judge you, or they tell you you’re a bad person. And on those days, we can say, “Ah, but God has said that by the blood of Jesus, I am now righteous and holy.”

So I live righteous, and I live holy, and so I can love well. In that room of grace, when someone has a bad day, you don’t get on their case or call them a bad person. There’s no condemnation. No one says, “How dare you act like that? Who do you think you are? You should be ashamed of how you are acting.” Instead, you learn to actually look at people the way Jesus did.

And looking at things that way, I’m starting to see a lot of things. I’ll continue with this next time. See you Monday.

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