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What Is Success?

If you think success is having tons of money, you’re going to find yourself in a very, very sad place. Success is not about having millions of dollars. I know all kinds of people from all walks of life that have plenty of joy, and not one of them has even close to a million dollars. Why are they so joyful? It’s because they don’t find their joy in money.

Joseph was successful because the Lord was with him. When he went to work, his bosses looked at him favorably. I think his fellow workers probably appreciated him and enjoyed his company. He didn’t upset them. He said things that encouraged them. And when he did something at work, it produced good results.

All of this happened because Joseph relied on the wisdom of God. Joseph didn’t do what he thought was right. He did what God said is right. Joseph asked God for wisdom.

You can be just as successful as Joseph! You can say to God, “Help me make a decision. Help me to make a decision that will allow things to prosper in my place of work.” Then your work will prosper, because you allowed God to talk to you and guide you in it. You allowed Him to show you what you need to do to help your employers succeed.

That’s how Joseph gained favor in the eyes of his bosses. God showed him what to do, and he worked hard at it. So he succeeded!

This is how I focus my efforts. If I went to the field every day and work really hard on being a side-armed pitcher, I would not find success, because that’s not what I’ve been asked to do. Or I could say, “I’m going to learn to throw a knuckleball,” and then I could work really hard on that. But if that’s not the wisdom that God is giving me, I’m not going to be very good. It wouldn’t matter how hard I worked at it!

It’s not just about working hard. It’s about working wisely. It’s about using the wisdom that God has given you.

I know what you’re saying right about now. What about all the nonbelievers that have tons of success? Of course a nonbeliever can still succeed in his work! He probably works really hard in certain areas that he knows brings success. He goes to work and says, “I know what works so that’s what I’m going to do, and I’m going to work really hard at it and do it well.” And he does.

But now think about this. What if he finds Jesus? What if he then uses the wisdom that God gives him? Not only does he use his own wisdom, he also uses God’s wisdom. And then what happens? Now he not only does his own work, but he does the Lord’s work too. He finds a joy he couldn’t have known in any other way. It’s a joy that you cannot match, and that is success!

See you Monday.

One thought on “What Is Success?

  1. Great post again! Your so right! Being and having success is not how much money you have or make but it’s knowing the God is proud of what you do as a servant of God and walk in his son Jessus footsteps. It’s treating your fellow man the way you want to be treated and not saying you are better then them cause you have more money or want to step on someone’s toes to get to the top, no it’s helping others and incuriging someone with a good job and keep up the great work… That’s what I think seccsess is:)

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