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Judging the Non-Believer

Have you heard comments like these?

“You Christian people think you’re better than us. Christians judge everything everybody does.”

“It’s the Christians who are always saying, ‘Oh my gosh, you’re doing this, you’re bad.’”

People who don’t even know me will look at me and say, “Don’t you make mistakes? Don’t you have flaws?”

Well, of course I do! Obviously someone along the way has told these people that if they become Christian, then they’ll be perfect in everything they do. Someone has told them that if they become Christian, they’ll never make another mistake, and they’ll be better than all the non-Christians who do make mistakes.

I pity the people who think that way! As followers of Jesus, we’ve somehow convinced ourselves that we are better than other people in our flesh. That’s why we judge. That’s why we start saying things like, “Man, I don’t think you should be drinking. You shouldn’t have beer. You shouldn’t even have wine.” Or we say, “You know what? I heard what came out of your mouth the other day. You cussed the other day. That’s not really good. The Bible says no unhealthy thing should come out of your mouth.”

Well, you know what? Whether I cuss in anger or I say “Shoot!” in anger, it’s the same thing. We as believers think the sin lies in the actual word, but it doesn’t. It’s the emotion behind the word that is the sin. I was angry. That was my sin. Yet somehow we think we’re better than others because we say “Shoot” instead of its coarser cousin.

I hang out with believers that are really comfortable in the world. They’re totally comfortable hanging out with everybody. They can hang out with people that aren’t Christian and feel totally fine around them. They’re comfortable because they aren’t judging everything people do or judging every motive.

The believers that have problems with judging are the ones that tell me, “Oh, you’re not supposed to hang out with outsiders, because they probably don’t live like you, and they probably don’t think like you.” They’ll say, “I don’t want to hang out with outsiders or non-believers, because they’re not good to be around. It’s evil.” I hear that and I say, then what was Jesus doing? That’s all he hung out with!

Christians have just got to quit judging. We have to stop. As long as we are judging, we will never be comfortable in the world. People in the faith will always have outsiders in their lives, and we can’t live comfortably if we’re always judging. We can’t witness to them, and we certainly can’t love them.

See you Monday.

3 thoughts on “Judging the Non-Believer

  1. Great post again! It’s do true we judge other if they are not Christian and its hard not too, but as Christians we get judges by others I think m

  2. I think more cause we fallow Christ… And that’s scary and hard at the same time…. God says you are not better then someone else…. So treat others how you want to be treated… God Bless Jeremy and be safe!

  3. Thank you for your recent post it requires a response for so many reasons.

    I am surprised that there are actually those that feel calling yourself a Christian or being open about your belief in the God would have anything to do with perfection!
    Quite the contrary I think we are the people who admit our imperfections. We are the ones who are saying “ask for forgiveness and you will get it”. Sin makes us human but God gives us another day.

    I don’t expect everybody in the world to feel the same as I but if they don’t believe in God and they can’t give a valid reason and if they scoff at me when I thank him for every little thing…well then I am most likely not going to be comfortable spending much time with them.
    Judging others, nope don’t do it. I will remove myself if a person’s behavior isn’t pleasant for me.

    I certainly don’t tell anybody when or when not to have a cocktail, Nor do I reprimand them for “cursing”.
    I call it “swearing” and am an offender.
    Those are just made up words by humans & not the “unhealthy” words God spoke of. I don’t “swear” at people that would be “unhealthy” along with lying or gossiping.
    Swearing is not something I am bothered by-BUT I don’t take the Lords name in vain and I am not comfortable hearing it. I will politely correct the person by saying “Gosh darn’ you mean” that makes my feelings clear. I have no problem with swearing in movies or by others (unless inappropriate setting) “Shoot” or “Darn” are no different then the alternatives in my opinion. We are told not to take God’s name in vain so as with lying cheating stealing I don’t break God’s laws.

    Finally if we don’t “hang out” with “non believers” we miss the chance to create believers! I say spread the word and it’s simple “Love God love each other” not as complicated as some make it out to be.

    Hang in there Jeremy, you are in the position where others are judging you which means they aren’t happy with themselves. You are entitled to a beer or a “swear” word but you have the luxury of a love so deep that it guarantees us forgiveness if we seek it.

    Kindness and Forgiveness that describes this christian not Judgement or Perfection.
    Now let’s play ball and enjoy each day.

    Warm regards,

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