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The Lesson of the Copper Pipe, Part 2

The initial concept of Eden was complete beauty and peace. We would live in harmony, and we would love each other. We would look out for each other. We would all want to help each other.

But what we live in right now isn’t paradise. We live in a judgmental society. When sin came into the world, judgment flooded right in with it. We saw it with Adam and Eve. She told me to do it. (I’m sure there was an argument right there outside the garden, as soon as they were kicked out!) Then we saw it with Cain and Abel. One judged the other for being loved more by God, and killed him.

Judgment entered the world when sin entered the world, and that’s why Jesus says, Hey. Don’t judge people. You have no idea what is going on in their lives. Besides, you are one choice and one decision away from being just as bad as you think they are.

Jesus says, “Don’t judge,” but we do it a lot. We look at our spouses, and we say, “When are they ever going to change?” Or we look at our parents and we throw our hands in the air, saying, “They’re never going to change. They have always done this, my entire life.” Or we look at friends, employees, or co-workers, and we find ourselves saying, “Man! This guy just doesn’t get it. Isn’t he ever going to change? Why does he do the same thing, over and over again?”

Well, the answer is: He will never change. She will never change. You need to realize that you will never change. The only way that you can change is by accessing the hot water that needs to be flowing through you. That’s Jesus.

When people access Jesus, they start to change. When they accept who the Creator is, then they understand what He stands for, which is everything good. The Bible says nothing from heaven is evil. Everything that comes from heaven is good. So if you have Jesus in you, then you will change. Then you will have goodness in you.

But in your initial flesh, you will not change. You’re a copper pipe, remember? Jesus is the hot water.

The word picture of the copper pipe is amazing. It has helped me look at people in a different, non-judgmental way. Maybe I think I don’t like someone, or maybe I feel like I don’t like their attitude. Or maybe I find myself in the company of people who feel negative, and it irritates me. But the reality of it is that every single day I’m one decision away from being that negative person. I’m one negative comment away from being that guy who seems like he’s always negative.

And so in the wake of the copper pipe lesson, I look at everything with new eyes. I look at my teammates, and I look at my wife and my children and I look at all the people around me, and it’s so much easier to not judge them. I do my best to not judge them, because I’m exactly like them! We’re all copper pipes. We’ll never change.

But I choose my time to turn on the hot water. That choice is really powerful, because it lets Jesus run through me, and Jesus allows us to react positively to everyone, even to those who we think are not like us. More on that next time. See you Monday.

2 thoughts on “The Lesson of the Copper Pipe, Part 2

  1. Thank you Jeremy! Another awesome blog…. and a GREAT reminder that we are just ONE decision away from being “that” person. God, keep flowing the hot water through my copper pipe.

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