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An Infinite Passion for Jesus

You must confess that Jesus is Lord in order to be saved. I truly believe He died for you. There has to be an admission there, and it has to be real.

Think of the man who lives a good life, a decent life, and does the things that Jesus told His disciples to do, but this man doesn’t acknowledge Jesus as Savior. Would God look at him on the Day of Resurrection and say, “He loved me, he believed in me”? I don’t think so.

The Bible says you must make a confession with your mouth that Jesus is Lord (Romans 10:9). Good people are not saved in the absence of this confession. They may do good things, but the key to salvation is the acknowledgement and confession of who Jesus is.

But I also believe a lot of people say “Jesus is Lord” and they don’t mean it. It needs to be a heart commitment, not just a verbal acknowledgement. In the wake of true salvation, you’ll see a lifestyle change. When you are saved by the Spirit, you will live by the Spirit. (Romans 8:13)

Romans10_9There are people who go to big conferences and while they are there, someone hits on something in a message that really touches them. Maybe they’re touched because they are having a difficult time. Maybe it’s because they experience an emotional high. Someone says to them, “Do you want to believe in Jesus? Do you want to be saved? Come forward!” So they go forward. They say the prayers. And they’re saved!

Or maybe someone just goes through a really emotional time, and they meet a Christian who says something that touches them. They make the confession that Jesus is Lord. They’re saved!

But this is not enough. What happens to them after they return home? They have been saved, but they find that nothing changes for them. Their struggles continue. They have come from a time of high emotion, and they have said the words. But they only said them because it was the right thing to do at the time. They don’t go on to live out their newly found salvation in the lifestyle of Jesus. Becoming a Christian involves a passionate, lifelong commitment to being in a relationship with God.

If you want to really understand Jesus in your life, you have to live in the mentality of discipleship. You won’t understand it if you don’t live it. You won’t understand it if you just say some words. Mere words don’t substitute for infinite passion. They can’t substitute for a relationship with your creator and savior. It has to be heartfelt.

Salvation is not just words. If you’ve been saved but you feel unfulfilled, just try a little discipleship mentality.

See you Monday.

5 thoughts on “An Infinite Passion for Jesus

  1. First thank you for another post! God and Jessus have changed my life in so many ways… Life is a blessing and each day is a gift…. God Bless you and your family! Much Love!!

  2. And that is why connecting to church, other believers and not forsaking fellowship are essential!
    Often difficult to do and even more difficult for some to understand why there is the need. We in the church, need to be the ones to reach out and draw these new believers (or confessors) in!

  3. Hm. Seems like a rather un-Christian approach to me…
    I don’t think Jesus would have cared very much about what you say – more likely, he would have been concerned about how you treat other people – what you do. Think about the story of the Good Samaritin. Who’s the one who’s right with God? Not the priests who are doing everything ‘right’ from a religious perspective, but rather the Samaratin, who was from a minority, oppressed religious group (and who was not, I’ll note, a follower of Jesus!) but who helped the stranger on the road. I think Jesus cared much, much more about doing the loving thing than saying the right words. A God who turns people away who want to be close to him is not even in my vocabulary!

    • I would tend to want to agree with you most times. I do believe our action will speak louder than our words. However, what I was trying to say here was saying you are saved because you said the “sinners prayer” might not be it. I believe in confessing Jesus as savior because your heart can grab it when confessed. However, if you have a true heart change your actions and your reactions will change for the better as well. It’s not just about saying it but about a lifestyle change in Jesus. Again, I see your point and hoping maybe I clarified mine.

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