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Other People

God is a jealous God. Your relationship with Him is your number one priority. It is! And if you’re truly striving to have a relationship with God, then there will be a change in you. You will become a better human being.

But I think Christians are sometimes like this:

“I’ve got to make sure I read my Bible today, and I’ve got to make sure I take communion, and I’ve got to memorize my memory verse. Hey! That person just cut me off! Eff you!”

Or worse, they see other people, right in front of them, and their attitude is, “Hey, man, I don’t care about that person.”

What? Time out! If this is you, you’re messing up somewhere. If this is you, then you’re struggling in your relationship with God.

When you’re connected with God, you don’t struggle in your relationships. So if you struggle in your relationships as I do at times, you can bet there is a vertical disconnect. You’re disconnected from God. You will not be connected horizontally, with people, unless you’re connected vertically, with God. And if you’re messed up vertically, you’re going to be messed up horizontally.

If you are having trouble caring about people – or you are cussing at them – then somewhere along the line your ability to connect with God has been disrupted. It does not matter how many verses you read or memorize. If you’re not doing it with your heart, you’re not doing it. The Bible says, “Write the commands on your heart so they will not leave you.” (Proverbs 3)

Remember the two commandments. Love the Lord God your Father with all your heart, soul, and mind. That’s the first one. And the second says, love your neighbor as yourself. Jesus said the second one is like the first. In other words, when your intimacy with God increases, so does your intimacy with people. That’s because there is no separation between your love of God and your love of people.

If I’m increasing my relationship with God, then I’m increasing my relationship with human beings.

We were all made in the image of God.  And we were all set on this world where God said, “I have created man in my image, and yet there are people less fortunate.” If you forget about them, you’re forgetting about God.

Matthew 25 is the way into understanding this simple point:

Then the righteous will answer Him, saying, ‘Lord, when did we see You hungry and feed You, or thirsty and give You drink? When did we see You a stranger and take You in, or naked and clothe You? Or when did we see You sick, or in prison, and come to You?’ And the King will answer and say to them, ‘Assuredly, I say to you, inasmuch as you did it to one of the least of these My brethren, you did it to Me.’ Matthew 25:37-40

Jesus is saying, “In every human being, you need to find me.”

So do you want to be a better human being? Then pursue a relationship with God. As you grow more intimate with God, you’ll become more intimate with people. Are you going to mess up? Yes. You’re going to mess up. But in your relationship with God, you have got to learn to love your neighbor as yourself. That is what He is asking you to do.

See you Thursday.

4 thoughts on “Other People

  1. Such a great reminder for the tough week I’ve been having. Thank you for consistently sending out good thoughts and encouragement. I look forward to these in my inbox each time.

  2. Good post and it’s true God was everyone to get close to him and his son and we have to love everyone even if its hard… Take one day at a time!

  3. It is so easy to forget to just be kind and loving when we get caught up in religiosity. I know I fall short of God’s holy mark. At my church, where I am a Deacon, the Children’s Ministry has gone far right to the point that I no longer recognize it from the nearly 13 years ago when my husband and I were married there by a different minister. I love my pastor with a Christian love for his prayerful devotion and kind heart. I just think he needs lots of prayer in shepherding the Children’s Ministry back to the center, where a Presbyterian Children’s Ministry is supposed to be. My beloved daughter was hurt by her best church friend who implied that my unbelieving husband, like all other unbelievers, will go to hell, and that his Buddhist relatives are evil. This girl made a generalization without naming names based on a book she read at her home. My daughter wanted the girl to apologize after she explained her daddy is an unbeliever, but the other girl did not. After talking to the other mom, I know the girl had no intention to hurt, but it could evolve into a he said-she said thing, which will not heal my daughter. Now, my daughter wants me to quit the church and give up my Deaconship in support of her. I am trying to work with my daughter, the other mom, and perhaps ultimately the pastor, if my daughter’s hurt heart can not mend soon, which will enable me to attend to my Deacon duties. I would appreciate if you and your wife Larisa could pray for my daughter’s healing from this hurt. My husband has been hospitalized twice in just less that 30 days and he may need an 8 hour surgery if 7 different medications do not work to heal his Crohn’s Disease. Both mother and daughter are scared for our guy, understandably.

    My sister and I will give each other your book on Amazon for Christmas. I can’t wait to read it! You are such an amazing man of God and the Giant’s are so blessed to have you. God Bless you Jeremy for your good blog.

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