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Believing Without Seeing

When Jesus left, He said to Thomas, “Because you have seen Me, you have believed. Blessed are those who have not seen and yet have believed.”

Those who have not seen are the people of faith.

The disciples died for Jesus Christ.  They died on crosses.  And I know they felt some fear, because everybody fears death to a certain point.

But they cheated!  I’m sorry, they did!   They died speaking about a man that they saw walk on water.  They died speaking about a man that they saw raise the dead.  They saw Him restore the legs of a paralyzed man.  They saw Him put life into a dead little girl.  They saw Him read the thoughts of the Pharisees and the people, as clearly as if they were speaking out loud.  They saw Him feed the five thousand with two fish and a loaf of bread.  They saw Him die and they saw Him resurrect.

John 20 29We didn’t see any of that!  And still He’s asking us to have the same kind of passion that they had.  To us He says, “Blessed are you who believe and do not see Me.”

Believing without seeing takes some faith.  Jesus realized that 2,000 years in the future, we’d face tough times.  He knew we would walk on an earth that is filled with debauchery.  He knew we walk on an earth filled with people open to sin.  He knew how hard it would be.  The sinners are proud of their sins.  They’re proud of being malicious and angry.  They traffic in human beings, because they don’t value human life.

Jesus knew there would be destruction and evil and pain in the world, and that the world would think it’s okay.  He knew people would laugh at the faithful and mock us for being good. He knew we would live in that world.  And He asks us to trust that His way is the way.  He asks us to trust that He is the Truth and the Life, and that no one comes to the Father except through Him.

He says to us, “I need you to trust Me on that, I need you to believe that.  Blessed are you who believe and have not seen.”

Have faith and be comforted. He knows what He’s asking.  See you Thursday.

2 thoughts on “Believing Without Seeing

  1. Love your post! Jesus did all of that and more but still he asked us to have faith and belive in him and his father, and true we may not see him or be able to walk and talk with him but he’s like the wind… We don’t see it but we feel it and we know its there… That’s why God created the bible for us humans who son but with God and jesus we can be safe and have everlasting life….

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