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Do you see someone skilled in their work?
They will serve before kings. (Proverbs 22:29)

Sacrifice is an intimidating word, but I’m here to tell you that it is a major component of success. God wants you to give some of what you earn to help others. That’s your sacrifice. He wants you to give cheerfully, but that shouldn’t be hard. After all, He’s promised to give you what you need.

It’s amazing, when you think about it, the way God has made the world. He doesn’t need people to push the Gospel. He could do it however He wants to do it. But that’s the way He set things up. He wants people to bring the Gospel to the nations. He wants us to use our own resources to love our neighbor. This is genius! It’s how we learn to serve.

He knows that we humans come out of the womb as selfish individuals. When my son was just a few months old, he did not say “I love you” to me. When he was hungry, he would look at me and scream in my face. “I don’t care what you do, feed me.” It’s a selfish thing, right? Honestly, we do not have a natural ability to sacrifice and serve.

The first well that Generation Alive built in Kizaara, Uganda.

God also did not have to use finances to make this world work, but He did. To love your neighbor as yourself, you have to have finances. You can’t get a plane ticket for free. You can’t say, “Beam me up, Scotty,” and just all of a sudden be somewhere. God can transport you if He wants to, but I don’t see that happening. So we need finances to push the Gospel.

For example, I love good drinking water, so I want my neighbor to have good drinking water. I could say, “God, please let a well suddenly appear in this town,” and He could do it. But that’s not what happens. We need people to dig wells, and we need people to fund wells. We need finances.

And why did God set it up that way? It’s a sacrifice we have to make. We sacrifice some of the money we earn to help someone else. We learn to overcome our selfish ways. We learn to serve.

I pray for finances because I believe that the more money I can make, the more dents I can make in helping other people. I can help fund projects. Or I can help by networking. You know, the Bible says that your gifts, your ability to succeed, will place you before kings. In other words, my gifts give me the ability to stand in front of really important people. So I want to succeed because I want to be able to reach important people. I want to stand before people that have done great things and say, “I need your help, help me in this.”

I pray for that, and God has opened doors for me.

So why not pray for finances and why not pray for success, if you have a heart for sacrifice? I pray for finances, and I pray for my gifts, and I pray that my abilities will increase so that I can increase financially.  If that’s truly my heart, and I truly exercise that heart, then God will grant my prayers.

4 thoughts on “Sacrifice

  1. Some wise words! If we love our money, we’ll never have enough and joy will remain just beyond our reach. If we love serving others (and in doing so, serving God), we’ll always feel fulfilled – because there will always be those who need us.

  2. Sacrifice is one of the most difficult concepts to grasp~~ and it is not all about money! We sacrifice with our time, effort and financials. All of those need to be in balance or the sacrifice of money is just a show. Serving God in all that we do and praying for his fulfillment of our needs makes sacrifice happen.

  3. Sometimes I am at peace with the sacrifices I have made for my family; and sometimes my flesh makes me feel resentful. I surrender the resentment at the foot of the cross where my Savoir died for that form of anger. I look at my M.S.W. thesis gathering dust on dyslexia and ADHD, and say to myself, “I can help my daughter with ADHD or I can help a child at her church who has dyslexia”. I don’t have millions to sacrifice, but even cleaning my daughter’s room for what feels like the millionth time is a sacrifice unto the Lord. Please pray for my husband who has sacrificed his happiness to support our family with Crohn’s Disease that may need a fourth surgery soon. Please pray for me as a Deacon working with EGWINS to feed the homeless and provide shelter during nine months of the winter. God Bless you Jeremy for all your philanthropic work(s), though you are truly saved by our Lord’s grace.

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