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Grace, Not Fear!

My oldest son is in tune with his feelings, so much so that I suspect he’s a genius. He has an uncanny ability to tell me how he’s feeling, and how he views what I’m saying to him. He’s only five years old, but he lives in a grace-based mentality. He’s showing me what grace is. He’s a voice for God in my life, teaching me how to be a dad.

I’m so thankful for this! Now I know what it’s like to lead my family as the head of the home. The head of the home does not say, “I’m the head, you’re the tail, do what I ask.” The head of the home says, “I’m going to serve you. I’m going to love on you. I’m going to take good care of you. I’m going to nurture you into becoming the fullness that you are asked to become.”

That’s what Jesus does for me. We naturally put ourselves under Him because we trust Him so much. Sinners followed Jesus. The Bible calls them sinners, but they were basically the people that were not following God. And they were the ones that put themselves under Jesus and said, “Lord, we’ll follow you.” Why? Jesus didn’t say, “Look people, I am the Messiah. I am the son of the Almighty God, so if you don’t act a certain way I’ll strike you down.” That was not His message! People followed Him because He nurtured them and loved them.

see more of Richard Gunther's cartoons at http://mightymag.org

see more of Richard Gunther’s cartoons at http://mightymag.org

Now the church wonders why it’s losing people. Why don’t people want to follow Jesus? Why don’t people want to be in church? It’s because the church teaches grace, but expects legalism. The church says to people, “Jesus saved us by grace, so let’s live in joy and peace! BUT, you need to do this, and you need to do this, and you have to tithe this, and you have to give here, and you can’t do this, and by the way, you’re not allowed to drink in public.” And you’ve got rule, after rule, after rule.

But the Bible says, if you mix law and grace, your wineskin will break. It cannot hold up.

If you want to know why people don’t like Christianity, I’ll tell you. Jesus lived in grace and people loved Him. But we are living in legalism. We’re telling people what to do and not to do, and we’re making them feel bad about everything. We’re judging them if they don’t live a certain way. This is why we’re falling apart. We’re missing the whole point.

It’s so hard for us to not live in legalism, because we feel like we need boundaries. We feel like we need to have these laws so that we won’t go off course. Jesus took that away, though, so we don’t need to fear it.

See you Thursday.

2 thoughts on “Grace, Not Fear!

  1. Thank you for expounding on the differences between legalism and REAL grace! So excited to see that your son is already embracing the reality!

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