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Inviting Myself In, Part 1

It seems like every time I go to the World Series, God talks to me in different ways. I have great experiences in the postseason with my King.

Two years ago when we won the World Series, He took me through an awesome journey of forgiveness. I had issues with not forgiving, issues I wasn’t even aware of until He showed them to me. During the postseason, He took me through it, showing me how I needed to forgive. He transformed my prayer life.

Well this year was a little different for me. This year I was a part of every big game in the World Series and I had a lot of joy. He just let me enjoy the playoffs. I had a lot of fun.

This is not the look you should have on your face as you go into the big game.

This is not the look you should have on your face as you go into the big game.

In Game 4 in Detroit, I was called into the game in the 8th inning. The game was tied 3-3, and I had to face probably three or four of the top hitters in the game. I warmed up, and I felt good when they called me in. The bullpen gate opened as I walked onto the warning track. And when I did, when I walked onto that warning track, I truly felt the voice of God. It was amazing. It humbled me so much. I mean, it was loud and clear. And God said, “Jeremy, tonight I will expand your platform.”

I didn’t understand what that meant. I said to myself, “Did I just hear what I think I heard?” I felt so much joy! I wanted to show all that joy as I ran in from center field!

But I had to stay focused. Think of who I had to pitch against – Miguel Cabrera, Prince Fielder, Delmon Young! I think my manager would have been a little bit upset if I’d put all that joy on display. Can you see me coming into any game, much less a playoff game, with a goofy grin all over my face? That’s just not what you do!

Still, I was so excited to hear God say, “Tonight I will expand your platform.” While I didn’t understand what that would mean at first, it was shortly after the Giants won the championship that I finalized the trip to Korea to speak with Eddie’s church. I really appreciated the opportunity. It was awesome for me. I’m glad I got to speak there. It was such an honor to be there with my brothers and sisters and to share a little bit of my story with them. That’s what I’ll do here in this blog over the next little while. I’ll share with you what I shared in Korea. See you Saturday.

4 thoughts on “Inviting Myself In, Part 1

  1. Thanks for this, Jeremy. What you did in Game 4 was awesome to watch – but to hear what you heard the Lord tell you is even more amazing. It’s encouraging to hear how you were tuned into His Frequency in that moment – because it’s all too easy to not be tuned into the Lord most of the time.

  2. I plan to open my heart and mind to let Him in. I have been troubled alot lately and have been talking to good people. I need to let go of the negative. Thank you for your blog and just being the person that you are.

  3. Your testimony is such an inspiration. A certain 11 year old Giants fan in my house was so thrilled to learn you were an Evangelical Christian and then to find out he was born on your birthday to boot! Your passion and generosity is being used by God around the world in addition to the witness it is to our youth who so need Christian heroes to look up to. Thank you for being so used of God! We hope to see you at the FanFest in a couple weeks.

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