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Clay to be Molded, Part I

People find themselves wondering why God hasn’t changed them. They have asked God for the things they want, but they still don’t have them. Or they have a picture of what the life of a believer should be like, but they aren’t there yet. They might be asking, “Why hasn’t God done something huge in my life? Why doesn’t God speak to me?”

I think the time comes in every believer’s life where we have to say, “God, I’m open to it.”

When you say, “God, I’m ready for a change,” I think God says, “Finally! Finally you’re ready.” But you have to truly give yourself up to Him. There are so many people that believe in Jesus, and they’ve accepted Him as Christ and as Lord. But have they really taken up their cross? Have they really said, “I’m in, Lord, I’m in! I’m willing to sacrifice. Go ahead and do something with me!”

PPPIt’s scary to do that! It’s a scary thing for a lot of people. I remember when I did it. I remember when I went to God and said, “Make me who you need me to be.” What happened? I went through a lot of pain and confusion. Fortunately, I had a good book to read — Pain, Perplexity, and Promotion — and it helped me get through it. Because it was a tough time, man. Really tough.

Every leader has suffered turmoil. When you look through history at the people who wanted to get to the next level of leadership, you’ll see that every one of them went through pain and perplexity. And frustration! And bad times! Look at David. God told David he was going to be king, but David waited decades before it happened. And the time didn’t pass easy, either. King Saul sent his entire army after David with orders to kill him, and David had to hide out in a cave. Can you imagine the turmoil it would make in your life if you were being chased by an entire army set on killing you? That’s some frustrating stuff! And it wasn’t the limit of the bad things that happened. Afraid for his life, David lied to Abimelech, and because of David’s lie, Abimelech and all the priests of the city were killed. (1 Samuel 21-22)

All it takes is to say, “Okay God, I’m ready to change. Make me who you need me to be. I am clay. Mold me into what you need me to be.” That’s when you’ll go through the fire. So of course people are hesitant to say that prayer! Perhaps you are one of those people, or perhaps you have been there yourself. You know that Jesus has saved you. You get it. And I truly believe He’s Savior of your life. He saved your life. But not everyone takes up their cross, not right away. It’s just because it’s a hard thing to do. It’s a scary moment you finally say, “Mold me.”

More on this next time. See you Saturday.

2 thoughts on “Clay to be Molded, Part I

  1. This post spoke to me a great deal. I have a disease that causes me a great deal of pain most days and I do my best to go through it courageously for God… but I sometimes forget that I suffer because my Lord is preparing me for His eternal glory. I will be picking up a copy of this book as soon as possible!

  2. Hey Jeremy, I heard you in Korea at Onnuri English Ministry when I was visiting there. Anyways, I am not part of this non-profit I’m mentioning, but check it out man… This brother is helping transform tattoos from ex-gang members as well as barcode/number tattoos put on human trafficked slaves while sharing the gospel! Just a clarification, I have no connection to this ministry, but after hearing you speak in Korea, I thought you’d be interested in it!


    Joe Tek Yun

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